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Find excellent uptime with reliable web hosting service provider

One of the major concerns for every business is to have their websites up and running, all the time. And, this is possible only if the best web hosting services provider is hired. So, what is web hosting, and what do the web hosting services provide?

Well, let us start from the basics. For the websites to work, they require a web space on the net, which will allow them to start creating, publishing and maintaining the site. This web space is provided by the web hosting service providers. They provide all the resources that are necessary, so that your site is up and running always.

How many kinds of web hosting services are there?

There are different kinds of web hosting products available for people, who are interested in creating their own online presence. The services are customized to suit the requirements of the mass market. So, one can find reseller web hosting, dedicated web hosting, shared web hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting and free web hosting.

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1&1 provides you the best web hosting services

1&1 understand the requirements of the customers, and try to provide the best value for money. They provide affordable web hosting packages, with which, one would be able to create a successful site. Given below is the list of packages available:

  • Starter Package: Their starter packages work well for web developers, who cannot afford to spend a lot of money, but still require the basic features.
  • Mid-Level Package: This package provides more power, storage and performance. With this, the web developers would be able to create a wonderful professional web presence online, very easily.
  • Premium Package: This package provides unparalleled storage and performance. This will be particularly useful for interactive and dynamic websites. It offers unlimited web space, and multiple websites can be hosted with this plan. Other than that, one would also be eligible to receive expert application support, so that your site is never down, and your business continues to grow.

What are the steps involved?

Now that you have decided about the package, you should know how to get started. With 1&1, you will not require any technical or programming knowledge. You would be able to create fantastic and functional site, with the help of simple and intuitive interface. There are different types of professional templates available, which work on mobile devices, as well as desktops. And, you can choose any of the template, which suit your business. Once your site is created, and is running smoothly, 1&1 will help you in promoting the site with the help of their web hosting packages.

They also provide tools for integrating the social media and SEO tools. These would help you in reaching out to the new customers, and will help you in creating a strong web presence. They also offer analysis tools, with which, you can monitor the performance of the site.

1&1 offers excellent support

1&1 offers fantastic customer service, which will ensure that your site is up and running all the time. With 24/7 support, they are accessible all the time.

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