Top 10 Best Fruit Juice Brands In India 2016

Juice brands have gained popularity over the last few years. There are a number of brands that have realized the demand to stay and eat healthy and have promoted the consumption of juice very well. This has made these brands the frontrunners as far as top juice brands are concerned. While there are many juice brands that are available in India, here is a look at the 10 best fruit juice brands in India for 2016.

10. Safal

 SafalSafal is one of the leading fruit juice brands in India that comes from the house of Mother Dairy. They are known to sell some amazing fruit flavors and they are available in small tetra packs which become easy to carry while traveling.

9. 24 Mantra

24 MantraFounded by Raj Seelam, 24 Mantra has slowly become a well known fruit juice brand in India. This brand claims that there are no artificial preservatives and no added flavors. They claim that their fruits are also grown without pesticides. 24 Mantra has over 1500 outlets across India and will surely grow in years to come.

8. Del Monte

Del MonteDel Monte is a great brand that has been around since 1886. The brand is known to create pure juice which is healthy and tasty. They ensure high quality and this is why the brand is always in high demand.

7. Minute Maid

Minute MaidMinute Maid is one of the first fruit juice brands to offer fruit pulp in their drinks. Some of their more famous flavors are cherry Limeade, Berry Punch and Raspberry.

6. Capri Sun

Capri SunCapri Sun is a German brand that is widely available in India. They have an established name in the market and have been selling some amazing fruit juice concentrate since a long time. The best thing about Capri Sun is that they have exotic flavors to offer.

5. B Natural

B NaturalB Natural is the latest production of ITC Ltd. It is known for its tasty fruit juices and extremely amazing packaging. B Natural packs are known to have a 6 layer tetra pack that offer refreshing juice in over 8 flavors.

4. Ceres

CeresCeres is a well known brand all over the world which is also popular in India. The brand is well known to deliver 100% fruit juice which does not contain sugar or preservatives. The juices are are Gluten free and high in vitamin C.

3. Paper Boat

Paper BoatPaper Boat is known to be one of the most innovative and tastiest fruit juice brands in India. Their juices and energy drinks are said to be the most amazing among all brands in India. Paper Boat products are known to have the best packaging and traditional ingredients.

2. Real

realReal is one of the largest selling juice brands in India. This brand comes from the house of Dabur which is an established brand in India. Real has a wide variety of fruit juices that you can pick from.

1. Tropicana

TropicanaThere is no doubt that Tropicana is one of the best fruit juice brands in India. Their juices are known to contain no added preservatives or sugar. The juices are a good source of vitamins and make for a healthy immune system.

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