10 Best Medicine Products by Patanjali

It is no secret that Patanjali medicines are result of intense research and formulated using herbal products. Patanjali as a brand has soared up in the market with unmatched profit and is run by globally acclaimed Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. The medicinal products are made of natural ingredients and based on Ayurveda. Medicinal products are found to be very effective and boost our immune system. Here are top 10 powerful medicinal products by Patanjali.

10) Divya Mukta Vati

Divya Mukta VatiIt is one of the best remedy for reducing high blood pressure through the natural formulation and has no side effects. The intake of this medicine stimulates proper blood flow and circulation throughout the body and increase blood supply to all body parts by reducing blood flow in arteries. It plays an important in keeping our heart essential by supplying with essential nutrients and prevents heart related disease also.

9) Drishti Eye Drop

Drishti Eye DropIt is a powerful eye drop that relaxes your eye and reduces the tiredness resulting from prolonged computer use. It is known to improve eye sight and increase clarity in vision. The eye is formulated using natural ingredients and protects eye from eye problems. It can be regularly used by anyone to induce better eyesight.

8) Chayawanprash

ChayawanprashIt is prepared using pure Ayurvedic formulation and is known to guard our body against foreign particle attack by boosting immune system. It is known to cure cough, tuberculosis, keep lungs healthy, increase fertility and improve digestion. It overall acts as shield around our body.

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7) Balm

BalmThe balm is made from combination of Gandhpura and Nilgiri Oil and the essence is very strong. It has analgesic properties and is known to provide instant relief from headache, cure fever and relief body pain. The medicinal components penetrate deep into the muscle and trigger a response to eliminate body pain.

6) Boro Safe Antiseptic Cream

Boro Safe Antiseptic CreamThe cream is made of unique combination of wheat germ and tea tree oil that imparts strong antiseptic properties. It helps in quick wound healing and reduces the attack of bacteria in open wounds, burns etc. Its antiseptic properties help in protecting wound from infection and induce quick healing mechanism.

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