10 Best Personal Care Products by Patanjali (Baba Ramdev)

Patanjali’s myriad of offerings has been a boon for those seeing a propriety ayurvedic option than the chemical based running around in the market. It’s a reason why people have been shifting to Patanjali’s product lineage.

We ran errands among the best Patanjali products ruling the market and have listed out the best personal care products among the lot. Here’s getaway to the best ones you can lay your hands on.

Gear on for the list, then. Tada.

10. Patanjali Sun Screen Cream

Patanjali Sun Screen Cream

  • A proper sunscreen protecting cream, this one helps skin keep off from the harmful sun rays.
  • It should be applied 20 mins before sun exposure and helps in keeping off the layer till 7-8 hours.

Price- Rs 100 for a packet

9. Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash Conditioner

Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash Conditioner

  • A nourishing conditioner that helps in dryness and roughness of hair, this one is one of the best products of Patanjali.
  • One should apply this on a wet hair and gently massage it with hands. You can then rinse the hair afterward.

Price- Rs 95 (150 ml)

8. Patanjali Crack Heal Cream

Patanjali Crack Heal Cream

  • Tired of cracked heels, are you? Well, here’s the one crack repair cream if you can trust upon.
  • It also repairs the foot and fingers cracks too.
  • The cream constitutes of Borax, Aloe Vera, Wheat Oil, Mustard Oil and more in appropriate proportions.

Price- Rs 60 (50 g)

7. Patanjali Beauty Cream

Patanjali Beauty Cream

  • A proprietary beauty fairness cream from Patanjali, this might be the answer to the aging and dullness of facial tissues and skin.
  • Paired with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Turmeric, Wheat Oil and more, it provides ample support for the skin and keeps it’s

 Price- Rs 70 (50 g)

6. Patanjali Multani Mitti Face Pack

Patanjali Multani Mitti Face Pack

  • Multani Mitti retains a unique blend of clay and minerals that improve the skin healing and aids in skin glow.
  • It helps in deep cleansing of the face and prevents skin diseases.
  • The face pack packs in Multani Mitti, Aloe Vera, and Mineral Clay for a favorable result.

Price- Rs 60 (60 g)

5. Patanjali Soap Bar

Patanjali Soap Bar

  • With the plethora of options offered under the toiletries segment, Patanjali has kept one of the best segment in body soaps.
  • Its top sellers include Haldi Chandan, Neem, Aloe Vera, Rose, Multani Mitti, Lemon Honey and more.
  • The soap bar helps in rejuvenating the skin and cleanse the body.

4. Patanjali Saundraya Face Wash

Patanjali Saundraya Face Wash

  • A benign answer for many, Saundraya Face Wash helps cleanse the face of dirt and grimes and keeps the skin glowing brightly.
  • It helps in warding off skin issues like acne and black spots.

Price-  Rs 60 (60 gm)

3. Patanjali Apricot Scrub

Patanjali Apricot Scrub

  • Want a glowing and radiating skin, try this apricot scrub from Patanjali.
  • It’s packed with essential nutrients and scrub material that removes dead cells, improves blood circulation on the skin and helps ward off black spots and acne.
  • You can apply it as a normal scrub by applying on a wet face and gently massaging it off.

Price- Rs 60 (60 g)

2.Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

  • Aloe Vera remains the best ingredient for skin related issues in the world.
  • This one from Patanjali is an Aloe Vera gel that’s up to 90% of Aloe Vera, making it one of the best bets for skin healing, glowing, and scar removal product.
  • You can even use it as a face pack paired with other essential elements of your liking.

Price- Rs 80 (150 ml)

1. Patanjali Toothpaste

Patanjali Toothpaste

  • A primetime toothpaste that’s ruling the market these days, Patanjali’s toothpaste has been the second best-selling product of its catalog.
  • The paste comes in multiple variants these days in the ilk of child version, medicated ones and more.

Any pick of the bunch for you? Share them down below in the comment box and let us know.

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