10 Celebrities and Their Sexy Bugattis

The Bugatti is one of the most loved vehicles that drive everybody crazy. It little, however could be a behemoth of a machine below the hood. The outline on the official Bugatti web site describes it as a complete that could be a good mix of superior skill, and superior technical innovation in sport. Maybe this explains why celebrities are driven and needing to have this in their garage. Supported by Ettore Bugatti, these cars are a piece of fine French beauty. To be precise, Ettore comes from an extended line of artists and it is also one of the price possessions for many celebrities.

10. Tom Cruise

Tom CruiseYou must have heard about Funny story regarding Tom Cruise and his Bugatti, he extremely should are high on one thing. If you scour your Google idly, you’ll most likely encounter videos of him, apparently not having the ability to open the door to his Bugatti. Return on individuals, leave Tom alone; whether or not he will open the door or not, a minimum of he owns one, and watch for it….it’s an addition to his assortment of super cars, and personal JETS! If this can be not verity definition of being an  A – list celebrity.

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9. Chris Brown

Chris BrownChris Brown is very well known personality and he has passion for sports car. He’s in all probability somewhere spinning off in a very extremely quick car. Since production started in 2005, solely two hundred Bugatti Veyron models are discharged and Chris owns one among the $1.5 million sports cars. Hate him or love him, he wills what he will best. However, let’s hope for all humanity’s sake he doesn’t will pull an identical stunt he did with the Lamborghini Spyder throughout the Grammy Awards, where he banged Rihanna’s head on the window.

8. Jay-Z

Jay-ZWhat can be the glitzy gift you can think off? yes here we are talking about Jay-Z whth his   Bugatti.For his forty first birthday, wife  Beyonce set to surprise him with a $2 million white Bugatti Veyron.  Any lady in their right sense wouldn’t want to induce her man such quick a automobile, as a result of it’s as on the brink of a urge as she’s going to ever return. Anyway, whether or not he will match within or not, he owns one!

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7. Simon Cowell

Simon CowellSimon Cowell own one, but due some reason he doesn’t own it anymore! However what percentage people can ever live to have one, right. Simon is aware of what it looks like to drive around in one. The X-Factor choose sold-out his 2008 Bugatti Veyron for over $1.3 million. As per the reports he sold his Bugatti because he never wanted to buy one at first place, but he brought one because of his friends but he drove his bugatti twice in four years before selling it off.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous and very well known footballers in the world. he is greatest sports person of all time and when it comes to football no list can be complete without his name but right now we must tell you that he also owns the most expensive car that is $1.7 million Bugatti Veyron.he played for Portugal, Spain and Manchester and broke many records. His life is definitely is one that many people aspire. he is a great man with many records in his name.

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5. Drake

DrakeBack within the day whereas looking at Canadian young drama Degrassi, no one ever  imagine Drake, then taking part in the role of Jimmy Brooks, would prove to be the Drake we all know today. He is one the list as a celebrity who owns Bugatti Veyron. What’s superb concerning the fellows who own these vehicles is that the indisputable fact that there’s sometimes quite a while expecting the vehicle to be released. He is one celebrity who definitely love to flaunt his Bugatti and enjoys the ride as well.

4. Roustam Tariko

Roustam TarikoRoustam Tariko, is happens to wine and dine with some of the elite within the Russian oligarch circle, isn’t a surprise entry on our list. he is popular among the Russian normal booze tag, he apparently didn’t mind wrenching up a further $200,000 bill on his mastercard, to form certain that he would be the primary ever Russian to have a Bugatti – this is often not massive news for somebody who owns a private Boeing 737. he has own a Bugatti as he needs to move with elite people and having a super car add to the loyalty.

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3. Katie Price

Katie PriceWhat does one do after you have a huge net worth of over $66 million and wish to spoil yourself? Well, you’d undoubtedly not stop at something to shop for yourself no matter you wish. This can be precisely the quite perplexity that befalls Katie Price. She did what the other celebrity would do, purchase herself a Bugatti Veyron.  She brought bugatti after, most celebrities already brought one. Ideally, these are vehicles that leave production as on the point of perfection as you’ll ever imagine, she actually spent e $1.6 million on the bugatti to match the color of her other cars.

2. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.Floyd Maywheather Jr. of The Money Team fame has over $15 million in vehicle net price sitting in his garage. it’s no surprise that he owns not one, however many Bugatti Veyrons. However, whereas we would stare in awe at photos and videos of his huge assortment, one obi Okeke, and his dealer of Fusion Luxury Motors is perhaps the guy who goes through heaps to create certain all this happens? Imagine Floyd occupation you up and providing you with a twelve hour point to own a Veyron sitting in his route.

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1. Jay Leno

Jay LenoJay is one such celerity that has a complete section in his garage that has been dedicated to Bugatti vehicles. After you have most cash on your hands, there’s nothing wrong with propulsion such stunts. These are things that solely celebrities are allowed to urge away with, not people like us.  Jay’s garage options a $3 million Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, a novel choice, and one in all the best ever designed car


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