10 Celebrities Who Were Accused Of Sexual Assault

Being a celebrity many things comes easy to them but there are celebrities who take advantage of their status and get indulge in some nasty crimes. We always worship celebs. whereas  in person am not a large fan of any celeb specially currently, there’s no denying that celebrities have a marked influence on the lives of the lots, with the flexibility to inspire others however additionally trigger utter disdain from the people after they perform atrocious acts. There are many celebrities out there who are accused of social assault.  We always consider that celebrities are nicest, kindest, and most special but they get involved in most heinous crimes like rape.

10. Mike Tyson – Raped 18-Year-Old

Mike TysonMike Tyson is very well known in boxing world over but this great boxer’s career took a knockout blow once he was defendant, and guilty, of rape. He was guilty of raping a 18-year-old young lady named Desiree Washington. Ms. Washington claimed that Mike Tyson had raped her during a party in hotel, requesting her presence for a few R&R throughout a celebration. Mike Tyson was found guilty of rape and was sentenced for 6 years of imprisonment but he served three years of his sentence.

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9. R. Kelly – Sex Tape And Urine

R. KellyKelly’s hit, “I Believe IwillFly”, is one of the hits of all time and he gained of popularity with this song but as everyone sya negative publicity is also a publicity and this great singer came in limelight when he was accused of statutory rape. R. Kelly was suspect of creating a sex tape with a minor, within which he additionally urinated on the alleged victim. The tape originally created its method around beauty salons and barbershops before it managed to achieve the hands of discerning authorities.  He was also convicted for 14 other cases.

8. Mystikal – Raped Hairstylist

MystikalWhile maybe not also referred to as world heavyweight champion gladiator , the rapper Mystikal conjointly oversubscribed many million records worldwide. Mystikal was also accused of raping and extorting his stylist with 2 of his bodyguards and was condemned to six years in jail at a Louisiana Louisiana correctional facility. What is more, whereas Mystikal at the start claimed that the sexual acts performed between him and his styler was reciprocally accordant, a tape surfaced that shortly verified the hairstylist’s allegations against the rapper.  he was later registered as a sex offender.

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7. 2 Pac – Alleged Gang Rape

2 Pac 2 Pac is very well known celebrity and rapper, who were accused of rape at fabulous career. One in every of the fascinating details concerning the incident was that the victim admitted to playacting fellation on the rapper a couple of days before dynamic her story and accusatory each 2PAC and his assemblage of raping her. Whereas 2PAC was suspect of first-degree statutory offense, and after condemned and sentenced to no over four years in jail, Suge Knight, a music executive and record producer paid the $1.4 million for the bail.

6. Darren Sharper – Accused Of Taking Advantage of Unconscious Women

Darren SharperDarren Sharper had 14 successful years in NFL and later he has taken the transition to NFL commentator. Sadly for his new-found career had to require a back seat to the allegations of sex crime against him. Harper was arrested for sex crime in CA, and was additionally charged with each giving medication and taking advantage of many unconscious girls in Arizona and CA. As of this writing, harper is being control in Los Angeles, and additionally faces surrender to Arizona and city to face trial for the opposite wrongdoing charges control against him.

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5. Lawrence Taylor – Sex With Underage Prostitute

Lawrence TaylorLawrence Taylor is one of the famous football aficionados and also known for the greatest defensive players in NFL history. His NFL career was got I trouble because of drug abuse charges and also accused for having sex with a 16-year-old prostitute in 2010. Taylor was charged with third-degree patronization as well as third-degree statutory rape. Additionally, Taylor opted to just accept a bargaining, pleading guilty to each patronizing a prostitute moreover as misdemeanors of sexual misconduct, and was given six years of probation rather than captivity.

4. CeeLo Green – Alleged Drugging Of Woman

CeeLo GreenCeeLo Green is very well known rapper but his career at difficult turn when he was accused of raping women and also drugging them. He was also a well-liked mentor on NBC’s smash-hit talent show, The Voice. However, it wasn’t all loudness and glamour for the rap sensation, as he was suspect of sedation and sexually assaulting a 33-year-old lady. The alleged victim suspects CeeLo of slippery ecstasy into her drink so raping her whereas she was in a very drug-induced stupor. Fortuitously for CeeLo, he was clean-handed of all charges, as persecutors felt that there was skimpy proof to require the case to court.

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3. Sean Kingston – The Facetious Rape Claim

Sean Kingston Sean Kingston is famous for his band and he was also accused of gang raping a woman just a year prior when he was almost lost his life because of a jet-ski accident in a Memorial weekend celebration. Some would contemplate this odd coincidence whereas others might take for it karmic retribution: you choose. Regardless, a file suspect Kingston, a band member, and his bodyguard of offensive her when one amongst his shows in Seattle.  Apparently, charges were ne’er filed against Kingston and his associates.

2. Jian Ghomesi – The BDSM Enthusiast

Jian GhomesiBy the Canadian Press in 2014 ian Ghomeshi was Newsmaker for all the wrongs reason, for all year long. The blood profile worker and host of the Canadian broadcast organization’s radio show letter was suspect of sexually assaulting 3 girls while not their consent. One amongst the alleged victims was letter producer Kathryn Borel, who approached the Canadian Media order union concerning however the London-born journalist had repeatedly sexually annoyed her. When the Toronto Star broke the story, CBC dismissed Ghomeshi.

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1. Bill Cosby – Alleged Date Rape

Bill CosbyBill Cosby the American comedian had a very dirty side of him where he accused of sexually assaulting around 57 women over the course of his 50-year career. this news came as shock to the fans that their favorite TV series The Cosby Show star can do something so horrifying. Recently famous model Janice Dickinson claim that Cosby drugged them before taking advantage. as of now there are six lawsuits going on against the comedian.

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