10 Common Things You Do that Can Lower Your Sperm Counts

It cannot be denied that the modern lifestyle practiced by many these days is slowly wrecking the healthy body condition of the people in the world. Many people are hooking up themselves to the modern technology, making their lifestyles inactive. Like among men for example, many are lowering their sperm counts because of the usual things that they do every single day. In relation to this, here are 10 common things you do that can lower your sperm counts:

1. Using Laptop on Your Lap

Using Laptop on Your LapAs its name suggests, laptop is of course, used while putting it on your laptop. However, you should know that this can be damaging to your sperm counts. The heat from the laptop will directly go to the scrotum, killing some of your sperms.

2. Putting on Very Tight Pants or Underwear

Putting on Very Tight Pants or UnderwearJust in case you don’t know, too much heat that can strike your scrotum area can lower your sperm counts. And if you are wearing very tight underwear or pants, then extreme heat will definitely form inside your scrotum, increasing the possibility of lower sperm counts.

3. Too Much Consumption of Alcohol

Too Much Consumption of AlcoholYou have to be careful in drinking alcoholic beverages because too much of them can definitely kill some of your sperms. So, be sure to drink moderately.

4. Using Sunscreen Too Much

Using Sunscreen Too MuchSunscreen products contain BP-2, 30H-BP and some other chemicals that can lower the quality of your sperm. This has been proven by several scientific studies conducted by the experts.

5. Too Much Consumption of Soy

Too Much Consumption of SoyMany men who are on their strict diet and workout tend to consume too much soy since it is a very good source of protein. However, several scientific studies reveal that a half serving of soy in one day can already affect the quality of men’s sperm.

6. Taking Hot Showers

Taking Hot ShowersYour scrotum needs to feel cooler temperature in order to maintain the higher counts of your sperm. Hence, if you love taking hot showers, you will definitely lowering the possible higher counts of your sperm.

7. Masturbating

Masturbating is another reason why you have lower sperm counts. You should have a very active sex life in order to maintain higher counts of your sperm.

8. Smoking

SmokingSmoking is the main reason why the seminal fluid of men contains free radicals, and these free radicals are more than enough to badly affect the quality and count of your sperm.

9. Getting Too Much Stress

Getting Too Much StressAside from the fact that it can be very bad to your own health, having too much stress in your body can also affect the sperm counts and quality. Hence, be sure not to expose yourself to stress, and have a happy life.

10. Being Overweight and Lack of Exercise

Being Overweight and Lack of ExerciseInfertility is one of the side effects of being overweight. This is the main reason why you should do regular exercise routines. With this, you will not only maintain the higher counts of your sperm, but also maintain the healthy condition of your body.

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