10 Creepy and Funny Looking Birds in the world

Earth is the planet which never runs out of surprises for us. Both living and non-living creatures have a lot to offer. Birds, animals and plants are important to our environment in different ways. Not only the plants are weird, but also the birds and animals. Like animals, birds also hail from various species and habitats. Some are exceptionally beautiful, while some look creepy yet funny. Here is the list of top funny and strange looking birds you may never know about.

10. Vulturine Guinea Fowl

They are one of the most aggressive and creepiest birds across the world. They are known for having sharp and long beak and their unique and extensively used game. Their sharp beak is used to grab insects from the soil and get flesh. These birds have sharp spurs and scary red eyes.\

Vulturine Guinea Fowl

9. The Sage Grouse

They are found widely in Australia and North America. This bird looks quite funny. They have unique features like their long tails. The adult Sage Grouse collects food for their kids and give protection in their nests against harsh environmental conditions, weather and other deadly animals. These birds are rarely found.

The Sage Grouse

8. Junco

It is yet another funniest looking bird because of its unique V-shape look. When it comes to size, they are very small. They are very lightweight. Their green and brown colors act as a camouflage to hide them in forests and bushes. They look literally adorable and look funny due to twigs.


7. Spoonbills

They are quite social birds as they live usually in large groups or community. They use their sharp long beaks to capture their prey. Their legs are quite ugly and look like dinosaur’s legs. Their triangular tongue helps them capture fishes and shrimps to eat. They breed in nests.


6. Anhinga

Also known as Snake Birds, Anhinga is funny in looks but very dangerous. These creepy creatures live widely in areas that have must wetness and water. They are known to be the weirdest bird species and they are found mostly in Canada and Australia.


5. Hood Mockingbird

They hail from Thrasher family and are native to the Islands of America and Ecuador. They are funny songbirds and they have curvy and sharp beak and a long tongue. They live in dry spaces and wander across the water throughout the day to search for prey. They are known to be the deadly blood suckers.

Hood Mockingbird

4. The Potoos

They can be identified with brownish, grey, and black patterns. They live in tree trunks and barks. They sleep throughout the day in sitting form and stay awake at night. They can easily detect insects in the dark. The flying and creeping insects are their favorite prey. They use wide mouths and long tongue to catch the prey within seconds.

The Potoos

3. Inca Tern

They have moustache and they are quite funny. They are found in the forests of America, South Africa and some parts of Europe. They breed a lot and can give birth to several birds in a month. They have sharp teeth and long beak to look funny.

Inca Tern

2. Great White Pelican

They can eat bigger birds within no time with their massive jaws. Their main habitat is cold regions. So, you can find a lot of these birds in the parks of London. Large birds and animals are their main target. They can eat adult gulls and big fishes easily within minutes. They have very sharp teeth.

Great White Pelican

1. Antarctic Giant Petrel

They live in Southern African forests and Atlantic Ocean. Weigh around 8 to 10 kg, Antarctic Giant Petrel can spread their wings up to 2 to 4 meters.

Antarctic Giant Petrel

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