10 Food Items Rich in Fibre that Should Be Included on Your Diet

Fibre is one very important nutrient that should be present in the body. This nutrient can be very helpful in many ways. It makes sure that you will have a regular healthy bowel movement. Meaning to say, fibre can be very helpful in your digestive system. It can also help in lowering your cholesterol level, making you away from the risks of cardiovascular diseases. In other words, fibre is very helpful for a healthy body. In this regard, here are the 10 food items rich in fibre that should be included on your diet:

1. Oats

OatsJust in case you do not know, there are two different kinds of fibre and they were insoluble and soluble fibre. Both of these fibre are very important for your body to have, and they are all present in oats. This is why oats should be present in your daily diet.

2. Fruits

FruitsIncluding more fruits in your daily diet is also a great thing that you can do to make sure that you will have a healthier body. There are lots of fruits out there that are rich in fibre such as oranges and apples. In every 100 grams of apples, you can have 2 grams of fibre.


3. Legumes and Lentils

BeansWhen talking about fibre, legumes and beans are definitely the most common best sources. But if you want something new apart from legumes and beans, then why not try lentils. Aside from fibre, these are also rich in protein.

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4. Vegetables

Consuming More VeggiesJust like fruits, you also need to include more vegetables on your diet. However, make sure to choose vegetables that have higher fibre content such as broccoli and ladyfinger.

5. Coconut

CoconutCoconut has a super high content of fibre, and it has lowery glycemic index so it would be perfect for your daily diet. Compared to oats and wheat bran, coconut has more fibre contents. In every 100 grams of coconut, you can have 9 grams of fibre.

6. Nuts

NutsWhen talking about nuts, you probably think about peanuts and cashew nuts. These are very rich in fibre, but it would also be better to add almond nuts, walnuts, and raisins.

7. Pasta and Whole Wheat Bread

Pasta and Whole Wheat BreadWheat bread and pasta are two very easy to prepare food that you can consume whenever you are in a hurry. You should know that they are also high in fibre. There is around 2 grams of fibre that you can have for one slice of wheat bread.

8. Berries

BerriesAll kinds of berries are rich in fibre such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Aside from that, they are also rich in antioxidants that can help clean your body from toxins.


9. Brown Rice

Brown RiceBrown rice is a very healthy alternative of white rice. The fibre content of this rice is very high, so it would be great to be added on your diet. It can also help in lowering the risks of colon cancer.

10. Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds and Chia SeedsFlax seeds and chia seeds are very popular to all who are trying to get fit. Flax seeds can help in reducing cholesterol level, apart from giving you enough fibre. On the other hand, chia seeds can give you more energy.

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