10 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Akshay Kumar


Akshay Kumar has been settling fires on the heart as well as the big screen more than a decade from now. He is a perfect example of self achievement. He has being rulings hearts over years; he won hearts of million people over the world. He is the khiladi kumar of the industry. Akshay Kumar is one of the successful actors in Bollywood, his achievements speaks it all. It’s been years from now, khiladi kumar are winning hearts over the world. From Rajeev Bhatia to Khiladi kumar, his journey had many ups and down. Here presenting 10 most interesting and unknown facts about the Akshay Kumar.

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Real Name

 Akshay Kumar’s real name is Rajeev Bhatia; His father’s name is Hari Om Bhatia. Akshay Kumar comes from a military background. He’s father was a military officer. Akshay Kumar named his production house in the name of his late father Hari Om Bhatia.

Survival Was His Main Priority

We all know that akshay kumar does not come from a well to-do background. He had struggled all his way till now. He had done many jobs and work for his survival .He worked as a waiter in a restaurant in Bangkok; also he learned martial arts in Bangkok. Everybody is known about akshay kumar working as martial arts trainer .But, one of the interesting facts is that, while in his journey of survival akshay kumar also sold Kundan jewellery at Muhammad Ali Road in Mumbai. Akshay Kumar once said, survival was his main priority. He would do any job or work for which he could get good pay .Money was a major prior to him.

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His Father Was is Role Model

Unlike, everyone akshay kumar found his motivation within his father.  said all the while, his father was his motivation. His father stood like a pillar to him .Akshay Kumar saw his positivity in his father. He said he was not so good in academics, but had a great interest in sports .He’s father always stood for his boy’s keen interest .Akshay Kumar says, “His father lead a main role in his life , he was his motivation, his support, his positivity and his role model. Akshay Kumar was overwhelmed to have his father in his life. He was he’s main motivation.

 Akshay was looted by dacoits of Chambal!

One of the crazy thing happened to Akshay Kumar was that once he was travelling between his route from Kolkata and Dhaka. The train he was travelling in was robbed by the dacoits of Chambal. Just before boarding, he has shopped clothes for himself from the known fashion street .The bogey in which Akshay was travelling in, was robbed and everything possessed by the people was looted by the dacoits of Chambal. Akshay Kumar said, he was scared as well was laughing when his belongings was robbed by the dacoits. Akshay Kumar pretended as he was asleep, when the robbery was done.

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Akshay worked as a Light Boy for a photographer

Akshay Kumar didn’t have any such plans to flaunt his modelling skills. As known akshay had done all possible work that made good to him, the best job that worked for him is when he worked with a well known photographer Jay Seth as a light boy. He got his fir modelling project accidently for which he got his first cheque of 21000 rs. Akshay getting into modelling is no further than an accident, suddenly his career in modelling got a lift. While working as a light boy he got many suggestions for becoming a model by many well known Bollywood faces.

Morning Interviews

Akshay Kumar is a strict discipline follower; he is very punctual about his habits and his time. Akshay Kumar is a disciplined man. Every day he gets up by 5am without fail and he lines up his interviews at 6am.Khiladi Kumar is very particular with his sleeping and getting schedules. he is one of the superstar and has he made his name without having film background or godfather.

No Makeover

Akshay Kumar believes in being real to the camera. This years, Akshay didn’t try to look young in camera. Akshay didn’t have any makeover done to him to look young in the camera. He believes in being real, he says “if i am 50, i don’t want to look at 30”. In his films he dint want to look young, he always wanted to connect with his audience the way he is.

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Drive Honda CRV

Akshay Kumar no doubt is one of the richest in the industry, but he does not proud himself on money. Akshay Kumar have luxurious car for him but he likes to drive his Honda CRV. According to Akshay Kumar Honda make the best car for Indian roads. Akshay Kumar is seen in his Honda CRV most of the time while rushing for his shoot.

Humbleness towards New Musician  

As Akshay had struggled all his way, there is a interesting fact about him. He likes to buy music from new musician, if he likes music of any new comer he buys music from musician and listens to it as often he can. He is a humble person; he has a kind attitude towards the strangers. He is a very down to earth person. Akshay Kumar Spends 10000 Rs for Personal Expense. It would be shocking to know that Akshay Kumar spends 10000 for his personal expenses. It would be an unknown fact to know that Akshay doesn’t need more than 15000 for his personal expenses excluding the food which he gets in the set.

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No Dinner after Sunset

Akshay Kumar said in an interview that he is very particular about his dinner. He don’t dine after sunset, he follows this strict idea of his dinner schedules without fail. Akshay completes his dinner by 6pm, he don’t eat anything after 6. He says that one must not eat after everything as our body slows down after sunset so in idea of burning calories one should not eat his meal after evening.

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