10 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor is one of the leading actors in Bollywood; he is one of the gem of bollywood. Shahid Kapoor is the son of Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azeem. He was 3 yrs old when his parents separated and later he used to live with his mother neelima and his grandparents in dehli. His father Pankaj Kapoor was a struggling actor in Mumbai. He was 10 when he shifted Mumbai to his father Pankaj Kapoor . He is one of the leading actor of Bollywood, he has a huge fan following. He lives in the heart of millions and millions people in the world.

Shahid Kapoor

 His first professional career choice was dancing

When shahid kapoor came to his father in Mumbai, he joined Shaimak Davar’s Dance academy. Shahid Kapoor always had that thing in dancing. Dancing was his main interest; he always wanted to become a dancer. Shahid Kapoor’s first ever appearance over the television was in the song “Kahi aag lage” starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from the movie “ Taal”. Shahid’s first ever appearance in the screen was in the song “Aankho mei tera hi chehra”, for the band “Aryans” in which he played a role of a small teenage kid. He was not that confident when he came up with that song but people did like him so much.

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There’s no horsing around for Shahid

Shahid Kapoor had a tragic situation while shooting for his first film “Ishq Vishq”.When giving a shot for the film, he found himself around a horse that horse was quite near to him, as he turned up he saw that horse’s head close to his posterior. He was way scared and ran as fast as he could and he ended up jumping a fence to save himself from the horse. Since then, Shahid is always away from horses. Shahid is not that comfortable about horses since then. He has that fear factor since the time for horses. He gets little insecure when those animals are around him.

That body took a year to get perfectly buffed

Shahid Kapoor is very particular about his gym schedules. He is sweats himself in the gym for hours to maintain his admired physic and body. Shahid Kapoor dedicated himself in gym for a year to look that killer in Kaminey.It took an year to buff himself for his rough look in “Kaminey”. Shahid Kapoor is loved for his physic and his hot body. His Fans admires his body and definitely the way he carried himself in Kaminey was killing. The body which he carried in Kaminey was just outstanding and definitely he hadn’t got that physic overnight. body,

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Kareena wasn’t his first lady love

Shahid Kapoor was always round the controversy for his love affairs. He had some of the serious relationships with the divas of bollywood . Everybody is well known about the relationship which Shahid and Kareena Kapoor shared. Shahid Kapoor was definitely way serious for kareena, indeed they haven’t spoke about their relation in public but that relationship could have lasted way long. Kareena wasn’t his first lady love, Hrishita Bhatt was his first ever girl. Hrishita Bhatt is the girl who starred opposite Shahid Kapoor in the Aryans’ music video “ Aankho mei tera hi chehra”.

The King Khan made a dig about his body! 

Shah Rukh Khan worked for him. It was a time when Shahid Kapoor was with his rehersals in the Shamiak Davar’s dance academy when Shah Rukh Khan visited the academy. Shah Rukh Khan made a dig about Shahid’s body as he was way thin and skinny. Shah Rukh Khan told Shamiak in a very sarcastic way that “Why don’t the feed his dancer”. It was a very sarcastic comment about Shahid Kapoor, since then shahid decided that he should bulk his body and should gain some weight. Shah Rukh was the person behind Shahid’s motivation to bulk himself and get some mass.

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He comes from unbelievable Bollywood pedigree

Shahid Kapoor definitely has some bollywood genes within him. He belongs from a family with super talented people. His Father Pankaj Kapoor undoubtfully is one of the legends in bollywood. His step-mother Supriya Pathak is one of the gems. He is also the nephew of Naseeruddin Shah. So, Shahid undoubtfuly have the genes from them. Shahid’s maternal grandparents too have that bollywood within them. He’s grandfather K.A Abbas is well-known film director and journalist .So basically Shahid Kapoor had it in his genes he belongs from a bollwood pedigree.

He gave up meat after reading a book

Shahid  Kapoor is a Punjabi boy, he was way fond of non-vegetarian food . Non vegetarian food was loved by him. It would be shocking to know that Shahid kapoor had given up on non-vegetarian food after reading the book ‘Life is Fair’ written by Brian Hines. The book impacted Shahid so much that he decided to quit meat and he also made his girlfriend Kareena quit non-vegetarian food.

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He flew the plane for mausam

Shahid Kapoor flew the Fighter jet F-16 for his father’s directorial debut “Mausam”.  Mausam was Pankaj kapoor’s first directorial debut, in mausam shahid kapoor played a role of air force officer. For a scene in the movie “Maausam”, Shahid had actually flew the plane for a scene. Shahid said that it was a very important film for him as it was his father’s first directorial movie. Though, the movie didnot do well on the big screen but, shahid was appreciated for his acting tactics in the film. The movie was very close to him and he gave it all for the movie.

Ahmed Khan

Ahmed Khan and Shahid kapoor are in blizz these days regarding their friendship. Ahmed and Shahid are childhood friends; their friendship is well admired in bollywood. But they ended up having a clash in their friendship. Recently, Shahid got married to Meera Rajput. For Shahid’s reception, Ahmed Khan was not invited. In an interview, Ahmed Khan has said that there is some clash between Ahmed khan and Shahid Kapoor. Their friendship had come to such a point, that Ahmed was not even an invitee for such an auspicious event of Shahid Kapoor.

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Judging Show

After judging the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhala jaa shahid actually started loving the small screen. Right now he is busy promoting his upcoming movie Shandaar with gorgeous Alia Bhatt. He enjoyed his journey in Jhalak Dikhala Jaa.

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