10 Most Interesting And Unknown Facts About Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is one of the leading actors of Bollywood till date. He is one of the legend of bollywood and most recognisable actor of Indian cinema. Anil Kapoor starred Hindi cinema more than 25 years now. He had given many hits to hindi cinema. Anil Kapoor doesn’t come from a Bollywood background. He had no connections with Bollywood .Along with Bollywood; Anil also had worked in Hollywood and earned many awards for his work. Anil Kapoor had won many hearts across the globe. People all across the globe knew him as the “Jhakass man”. He is very humble and down to earth person. We will now read some of the interesting and unknown facts about the jhakass man.

Anil Kapoor

Chembur Ka Chokra 

Not many of us will be aware that Anil Kapoor comes from a middle class family. He used to live in chembur , a small place near Mumbai. He was a very simple living boy, he had some dreams which he achieved today. He worked very hard to achieve his dreams. He came into Bollywood with small dreams of entering into the big screen. Anil Kapoor didn’t belong from a rich background. Today his achievements speaks it all, all his hard work, dedication has got him achieve what all the desired. Anil Kapoor believes in simple living, he respects the achievements and his hard work.

First Steps in Bollywood

When he entered bollywood he had to face very struggle face and he worked really hard to achieve his dreams and he respects his hard work. He also did many production jobs and very odd jobs to survive for his living. Anil Kapoor doesn’t come from an established background, he had done many production jobs in the industry in his initial times. One of the interest job done by him was to wake Mithun Da in the morning. Once in an interview, Anil Kapoor has said in a very sarcastic way that waking up mithun da was a very tuff job. This shows his struggle and dedication for his work and his hard work to achieve his dreams.

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Self description 

Anil Kapoor as we know had to face many struggles and hard work in the initial stage in the industry. Anil Kapoor is very self descriptive person; he had said in an interview that i would like to tag himself as a labour only. His financial ability was not at all good. Whatever he had pursued in his life is due to his dedication for his dreams and his hard work. He says that he feels blessed to have achieved so much in his life , he considers himself as a labour only belonging from a labour class. He is a very modest person and we respect his modesty towards his achievements in his life.

Anil’s favorite kid

We would feel that sonam kapoor is closest to anil kapoor as we have seen the kind of bond they shared. We know that Anil and sonam shares a way good bond, but it would be surprising to know that Anil’s tower is not only tilted towards sonam, but indeed he says that my favourite changes accordingly, someday i feel its rhea or someday I feel for harsh or sonam. There are no specifications in my favourite list among my kids. My favourite kid changes accordingly, there is no prior favourite.

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 “Jhakkas” is the word AK is allergic to

Anil Kapoor didn’t think about that” jhakass move” to become so popular that half of the nation dances on that song . Anil Kapoor didn’t ever thought that “Jhakass” will become a part of his identity. Wherever he goes he sees his fans  grooving upon the jhakass song. Anil never thought that, the song will become such a blockbuster and people will love him so much in the song. It was very shocking for Anil Kapoor that, the song is still in the head of his fans and people still pin him with that “jhakass move”.

 AK’s Love Life

Anil Kapoor shared a relation with sunita but initially he was not very sure about marrying sunita. He was serious for sunita but he didnot wanted to commit to her but, later he realised that he should marry sunita as sunita’s parents were mad at him for not taking the initiative to marry their daughter. Now, sunita and anil kapoor are one of the blessed couple in bollywood .Anil Kapoor didnot had any interesting stories about his love life, he fell for sunita and later married her. There was no interesting and much affairs to talk about his love life.

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 His memories about bringing back the Mr.india watch in his life

When Anil was invited to the Anupam Kher show, there was a very sarcastic question asked to him by anupam kher about having that Mr. India watch today and what will he get back from the past using that Mr. India watch, Anil Kapoor replied very emotionally that if he would have that Mr. India watch, he would use it and get his mother back in his life and also he wanted to get back his mother in law using that watch. This shows the sweet emotional factor within the legend Anil Kapoor.

Stalker Anil kapoor

 Surprising to know that, Anil Kapoor behaved stalker once to get a role in the subhash ghai movie . He really did stalked Mr. Subhash Ghai for the role in the movie “Krodhi”. Unfortunetly although with all the stalk done by him, the role was still not given to him. The role was played by Sachin Pilgaonkar for the movie Krodhi. Later, Anil did worked with many of Subhash Ghai production such as “Taal” ,”Ram Lakhan and many more but this time he did not had to stalk Mr. Ghai for the roles.

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 Surprised comparison

One of the surprising moment for Anil Kapoor was when his work was compared to Mr. Bachchan. Just after two releases of Anil Kapoor he was very admired for his work and also he was compared to Mr. Bachchan , It was very shocking and pleasing for him that people are loving his work so much also he had gained such a huge fan following in such a short while.

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 working experience with today’s generation

Anil Kapoor enjoys the company of today’s generation actors. He says that he is really inspired with the upcoming actors. He enjoys working with them, also states that he enjoy working with the new generation. He says that he gets to learn a lot from the new stars this day

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