10 Most Interesting and Unknown Facts about Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbeer KapoorThe well known chocolaty boy of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor has stunningly charmed the audience with his amazing hereditary looks, hard work and amazing acting skills. He has become the heartthrob of lots of people. He is the one who took his retro drama to the 68th Cannes Film Festival. With Katrina Kaif, he is looking forward to make the debut in Red Carpet. After robbing the hearts and minds of several people across the world, the lover boy has a lot of secrets only a few know. Some of these secrets may be mind-blowing for you. Whether it is his relationship, background, nature, controversies, his food-loving spirit and funny side, everything is included here. Have a look at 10 Most Interesting and Unknown Facts about Ranbir Kapoor.

1. He is Named After Raj Kapoor

The handsome hunk, Ranbir Kapoor was named after Raj Kapoor, a successful actor and his grandfather. The real name of Raj Kapoor was also “Ranbir”.

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2. He is a Foodie

His entire family is a food lover so is he! He was a chubby child in his young age. His favorite delicacies include Bombay Duck and Teesri from Gajalee and Crab from Mahesh Lunch Home. He also loves food which his mom cooks, especially jungle mutton, bhindi and paya.

3. He adores his Dad’s Movies but Still Shy to See His Mom on Screen

It is yet another fun fact that Ranbir is a big fan of Rishi Kapoor, his father, for his looks and acting skills. He is the biggest fan of his dad. A funny side is that he is shy to see Neetu Singh, his mom, on screen.

4. Dashing Dude is Momma’s Body

Unlike other family members, Ranbir doesn’t have nickname. Kapoor family is also known for having funny nick names like Lolo, Bebo, Chintu etc. But the chocolaty boy has no nick name allotted with. But his mother Neetu calls him “Raymond” as she looks the “perfect man” on his side. And he is Momma’s Boy too. He has saved his mom’s number on speed dial. He still takes Rs. 1500 from his mom as weekly pocket money.

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5. He is a Sensitive Guy

Yes, you read it right! He also sheds tears and he is sensitive fellow. And he is not ashamed of showing his sensitivity by shedding tear and he also confesses that he cries sometimes.

6. Avantika Malik – His Childhood Crush

His colorful life and love stories are not a surprise to all. One thing which is funny and more surprising about Handsome is that Avantika Malik was his childhood crush. Avantika is Imran Khan’s wife who was his secret crush.

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7. He Fell on the Pot and Got a Cut on Right Cheek

Well, it’s like a dark spot on the moon. He loved rushing to the loo when he was young. The cute boy fell down on the pot and a small cut was made on his right cheek.

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8. He has a Funny Disease

Well, diseases are also likely to be funny! Ranbir Kapoor is diagnosed with Deviated Septum. Though the name of disease isn’t that funny but its side effects can make you laugh hard. Because of this disease he talks and eats too fast.

9. Why Did He Join Industry?

Like his disease, his story behind joining industry is also funny. There is a funny reason why he entered into the industry. You may be thinking that his entire family belongs to film industry. So it is obvious that he is doing films. But the actual reason is something else. He always had a wish to do a Pepsi ad in his life. He followed one principle in his life “If You Wish, Just Do It!”

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10. He has a Habit to Add Numbers on Number Plate

While driving, Ranbir has a funny habit of adding numbers on the number plates of other vehicles, at least once or twice. You may have done it twice or once when someone else told you to do that. But he always adds numbers and starts his calculation practicing. He also has some of the other fun facts you should know. In childhood, he was scared of his father. Today, he equally bonds well with his dad. His father was very strict and he was scared of him.

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