10 Most Powerful Militaries in the World

In modern age, there are just a few ways to determine the military strength of the country. Experts have employed a lot of methods to determine the capabilities and size of military. They have considered the nuclear weapon in a country and the budget allocated by each country to their military.  Here is the list of most powerful militaries in the world.

10. South Korea

It is always monitoring on the maneuvering of China in the region and promoting military activities to train and maintain a huge reserve force of around 3 million soldiers.  There are around 70 years of looming spectre beyond China, in North Korea. There are around 15000 land weapons, rocket launchers and tanks in army and air force includes 1393 aircrafts. South Korea can easily withstand land or air threat striking from the north.

South Korea

9. Japan

With the consistent growth of China to become a superpower, other Asian countries have also raised their budgets on military strength. Japan was once an enemy of China and remains active for military expansion. It has around 248,000 military officers with around 50000 in reservists. Japan has built great navy and air force with $50 billion of national budget.


8. Turkey

It doesn’t have a huge military. It has around 600,000 troops, including regular reserves and force. The military claims around 1000 aircrafts and 16000 land weapons.


7. Germany

This country has very painful past in military strength. But it still has managed to keep a global competitive military. It has around 145,000 reservists and 180,000 regular forces. The Germany is capable to deploy around 5000 land weapons of different types. They have the huge budget of $45 billion.


6. France

With the whopping defense budget of $43 billion and combined reserve force and regular force personnel of around 500000, it has around 9000 land vehicles and 1000 aircraft. France has around 290 nuclear weapons which are ready to deploy.


5. United Kingdom

The UK has wealth of military support on global stage. It is scaling back on both manpower and military spending through 2014. The involvement of UK in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 13 years has been exhausted. The air force is relatively small with 908 aircrafts and 66 ships of miniscule navy. But it still runs a powerful military with over 160 nuclear weapons.

United Kingdom

4. India

With a lot of modernization projects under pipeline, India has been the largest military goods importer in the world. The country is known to have world’s strongest militaries. The country has around 3500 tanks, 16000 land vehicles and 1785 aircrafts, with over $46 billion of military budget.


3. China

The top three here is no brainer. The biggest overall and heavy threats to international security, China are the country which has most involvement in global affairs. It has formidable military forces of over 2.3 million regular soldiers and 2.4 million reservists. It has whopping 2800 aircrafts and 25000 land vehicles. It has around 180 methods to deploy 300 nuclear weapons. They have around $126 billion of defense budget to get along with devastating arsenal and massive manpower.


2. Russia

Putin is proud to have second most powerful military forces. They have the reserve and regular military forces of over 3 million soldiers. The military forces have been modernizing consistently with the overall budget of $76.6 billion. Russia is also the leader with around 8500 nuclear weapons.


1. United States of America

Since the Second World War, the United States holds No.1 position in military strength. The most powerful nation has around 800,000 reservists and 1.4 million soldiers. It has around 7500 nuclear warheads and spends around $612.5 billion on defense.

 United States of America

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