10 Parents Who Exploited Their Children To Fame

Celebrity kids are easy get spoiled as they get everything very soon and their parents also sometimes play important part for their spoiled life. Several of them claim it’s the pressure of growing abreast of set that eventually pushed these stars over the boundaries.  They lose out on a standard childhood as a result of these children were raised on set and knew nothing then again the Hollywood life. Most of those stars had a say in their career alternative and that they are a number of the lucky few really created it huge, however after all, the trail to high status comes with a worth and here are 10 parents who exploited their children to fame.

10. Teri Shields/Brooke Shields – Photographed Naked At 10

Teri Shields/Brooke Shields – Photographed Naked At 10Teri Shield is one horrible mother who allowed her daughter Brooke Shield to photograph naked at the tender age of 10. Why a mother would comply with have her 10-year-old photographed in such a fashion are some things solely “momagers” would perceive. Brooke Shields started modeling at eleven months recent and contend a prostitute at the age of twelve. She grew up extraordinarily quick and that’s all thanks to her female parent pushing her towards a career she failed to recognize she wished.

9. Kit Culkin – Macaulay Culkin’s “Father From Hell”

Kit CulkinKit Culkin feels that his “Father from Hell.” Everybody remembers Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone. He became an immediate star and rich person shortly when the discharge of the film. Culkin and his family remained relevant six years when the film premiered once news a couple of litigation of the kid star stony-broke out. His father and mother were fighting over the right to manage his career. In their legal battle, he once filed a petition to withdraw $17 million from his account for his family.

8. Melanie Sloan/Scarlett Johansson – The 10% Mother

Melanie Sloan/Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson mother Melanie Sloan started managing her career since she initial started acting. Johansson started cating at very tender age of 9. Sloan was getting 10% of her daughters earning. The 2 looked as if it would have unbroken a good relationship despite Johansson being the bread winner of the family. Scarlett discharged her mama as she believed her expenses required to be abated in the year 2009. There clashes started when two were not able to decide that how money should be spent and finally Scarlet fired her mother from the job.

7. Krista Stodden – 16-Year-Old Daughter Marries 50-Year-Old

Krista StoddenKrista Kay Keller Stodden is one name that actually received huge criticism after she agreed to marry his 16 years old daughter to a 50-year-old man. Courtney Stodden as well know that a singer and model. She was on Miss young Washington USA in 2010. She and her mother Krista were at the middle of a media arguing once it came to light-weight that the-then 16-year-old Krista would be marrying 50-year-old Doug Hutchison. Every one person was questioning her parenting and how on can allow marrying her minor child to someone like Doug Hutchison.

6. The Carters – The Boss Mother

The Carters – The Boss MotherAaron and Nick Carter’s mother Jane Carter is one family that does not share cordial relationship in Hollywood. Jane and her ex Bob Carter were the managers for each their sons up till 2003 wherever Aaron sued his mother claiming she had purloined $100,000. Once the boys told a reporter that their mother was never been a mother she was always been a boss. Jane has created claims of sacrificing everything she had for the sake of the boys and finally she had to scarify the relation as well because of her dominating nature.

5. Crystal Workman – Ariel Winter (AKA Alex Dunphy)

Crystal WorkmanMost people may acknowledge Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy from the hit television show Modern Family; however the teenager has been acting long before she landed the role. Her mother and manager Crystal Workman has been taking Ariel to acting auditions since she was a toddler. In 2012, the fashionable Family star filed for legal release from her mother thanks to claims that she was physically and showing emotion abusive. It doesn’t appear as if the 2 ever had an honest relationship as winter has aforementioned her mother would perpetually ridicule her.

4. The Lohans -The Unstable Home

The Lohans -The Unstable HomeYou must have remembered the Lindsay Lohan the one, “Confessions of a Broken Heart” conjointly called “Daughter to Father” song in the year 2005. She has written the song to his father Michael Lohan that his alcoholism made her life really difficult. Lindsay same she hoped her daddy would see the positive aspect of the video and notice that she loves him. Lindsay is another kid star who finds it difficult to handle the stardom and eventually her life slowly derailed because of the pressure to be in public eye always.

3. Joe Jackson/The Jackson Children – Just Call Me Joe

Joe JacksonThe entire world is aware of regarding the Jackson family. It has been seen that managing such a well known family came at a worth. Joe Jackson, the father, was called being very strict together with his children and was positively a lot of manager than he was a father figure. The late Michael Jackson perpetually unreal of the childhood he lost out on and tried to know it throughout his adulthood. His father now living lonely life as his kids have no relation with him.

2. Jaid And Drew Barrymore – Introduced To The Night Life At 8

Jaid And Drew BarrymoreIt is so not believable that a mother can introduce her 8 year daughter to night life.the lovable star from E.T had alcohol and drug drawback simply a number of years when the film had premiered. Actor Barrymore had her initial sip of alcohol at the age of nine, was chain smoking cigarettes by nine. And by the time she became twelve years old she started snorting cocaine. At the age of fourteen she had been in rehab. Whom to blame for such misery?

1. Kris Jenner – Worst Mother Ever?

Kris JennerKris Jenner is on top position because she is a prime example of what it’s to be a manager before a mother. Having had her family’s dirty linen air out on TV for over the last eight years, the Kardashians became Hollywood’s most renowned family. Kylie and Kendall Jenner weren’t even teenagers once the series began to film. The 2 ladies grew abreast of set, which is common for kid stars.

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