10 Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

Women are raising high in every field due to their patient nature and passionate attitude. The list will have 10 reasons why women are better than men and most of the men will also agree as women actually tolerate a lot before taking any major step.

10. Women “grow” other human beings inside them

Women “grow” other human beings inside themWomen are superiors because they have the capability to grow an entire new person inside them. A woman when pregnant can give up on anything as they want to keep their baby safe and go though many bodily changes but still feel happy inside.

9. They can tolerate pain

They can tolerate painThe pain of delivering a baby is unbearable and a woman does it again and again. it is proves that women have a greater tolerance for pain as they can happily and with smile take every pain start from their pregnancy to delivering the healthy baby.

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8. Multi tasking

Multi taskingWomen are actually blessed with multitasking ability as they can reply to emails on the smart-phones, cook, watch over the baby and listen to TV news everything at once and still make everyone happy around.

7. Female brain has better healing ability

 Female brain has better healing abilityAccording to scientific report it has been said that female’s neurons are interlinked while the brain of a man is compartmentalized. So if a woman is met with an accident she gets better faster than any men.

6. Communication experts

Communication expertsWomen have the ability to talk to anyone with respect and love.  They know how to be friends with teachers, or how to talk to the driver so everyone help her when she requires it. Communication is important tool and women are best in that.

5. Women get things done

Women get things doneIt is a fact that for a man to do anything it should excite them but with women scenario is different as women will get things done. It is not important for them to get encouraged and appreciated for it.

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4. Women have super powers that get things done

Women have super powers that get things doneWomen can think various things at times and they have the super ability to that even a policeman will let women off without ticket and the super power is called tears that help them to get things done.

3. Detail oriented

Detail orientedMost of the Women can remember birthdays, shopping lists, assignments and other important date because their minds are detail oriented. They would like to know every detail about the person they love form their eating habits to likes and dislikes.

2. Women live longer

Women live longerWomen are stronger than men and it is also scientifically proven fact. Women live longer than men because they have patience and capability to handle stress and other body pain from childhood. Moreover they are better decision maker when it comes to health check-ups.

1. Psychic powers

Psychic powersNo men can lie to their wives or mother or even girlfriend. Whether you agree or not, every woman have some level of Psychic power and they can make out when their husbands or partners are cheating on them and most cases they are right.

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