10 Self-Made Hollywood Actresses Who Born Poor

We have seen a lot of personalities who were not ready to compromise under circumstances and they have created history. There are some winners for whom road to go upwards was a bit challenging.  Here is the list of top self-made Hollywood actresses who are extremely talented and who emerged from abject poverty.

10. Demi Moore

She was a “trailer park” child in her initial years. She had once lived in poverty. Even worse, her parents were alcoholic and she suffered physical violence at home. She lived in a turbulent environment. So, she decided to move out of her home at 16.

Demi Moore

9. Selena Gomez

As a pop star and actress, she enjoys huge name and fame today. But life was not always glamorous for this beautiful actress. Her parents got separated and divorced and she was forced to live in very poor conditions when she was 5.  Their car often ran out of gas and they would have to look for the vehicle to get a coin. They also found it hard to get food. Her mother worked hard to give her a normal life.

Selena Gomez


8. Sarah Jessica Parker

She was born fourth among 8 children. They lived in very poor economic condition and Christmas and related luxuries were far off from them.

Sarah Jessica Parker

7. Kate Winslet

Though she is among the top-paid actresses today, she once used to get only 10p as her pocket money while growing up. She used hand-me-down shoes when she was 11. Her family couldn’t afford car and go to Cornwall for her holidays. The faltering acting career of Roger Winset, her father, was the main reason for her condition. So, he is forced to take part-time jobs.

Kate Winset

6. Hilary Swank

Much before she showed acting talents in Hollywood with two Oscars, she was the child who couldn’t enter into houses. She grown up in a lower-income family and didn’t recognize her financial status on herself.

Hilary Swank

5. Viola Davis

She is nominated for Oscar for two times but raised in extreme poverty. When she was child, she wouldn’t even know whether she would get next meal or not. She needed to do everything to attain regular meals. She used to steal food and jump into garbage bins. She found friends who could provide at least three meals per day.

Viola Davis

4. Eartha Kitt

The world-renowned singer and actress, Eartha Kitt was born because her mother was raped by her employer. The criminal was the owner of cotton plantation where she worked. Her mother was black but the criminal was white. So, she is not completely black. Her mother’s boyfriend rejected her just because of Eartha’s complexion. She participated in street entertainment.

Eartha Kitt

3. Leighton Meester

This talented actress was actually born in a prison when her mother was serving term for smuggling. She spent first three months in a halfway house. In such circumstances, she didn’t live her childhood normally.

Leighton Meester

2. Oprah Winfrey

This self-made actress has seen extreme poverty. She was born to a housemaid. She lived very tough life in initial 6 years. She used to craft her dresses with potato sacks. Thereafter, her troubles didn’t end. Her own relatives molested her when she was 9 years old and a cousin raped her. She abandoned her home when she was 13 because she was frustrated by the abuse.

Oprah Winfrey

1. Olga Kurylenko

This Bond girl spent her initial days in childhood in extreme poverty. Her divorced mother struggled too hard during that period to raise her. The family couldn’t even afford meals. Her mother cut her own coat so that she can sew a warm coat for her daughter.

Olga Kurylenko

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