10 Strange Unsolved Mysteries

There are many things happens in the world that are unknown to us. Here we will provide you the list of 10 Strange Unsolved Mysteries that might scare you. These mysteries are bizarre, juvenile and just plain creepy. The list will have mysteries which are related to alien sightings to unsolved disappearances. The stories we will discuss here today will give you Goosebumps and you might want to stay awake tonight thinking over these stories. The list is interesting also because it depict the true stories that are truly strange and unsolved mysteries till date. You might have heard about these stories before.

10. The Murder of Maoma Ridings

Murder-of-Maoma-RidingsWhen you are travelling to other state or country Hotels gives you feel like a place like home away from home. But when any hotel gets indulge in mysterious disappearances, murders and related events then it is enough to give you scary feeling. President Franklin Roosevelt’s favourite nurse Maoma Ridings found dead in hotel room in half nude position. The motive of murder is still unknown and it could never be known that exactly what happened to her in that hotel room. It is a big mystery till date.

9. The Haunting of Biltmore Hotels

Haunting-of-Biltmore-HotelsHave you ever been to the Haunting Biltmore Hotel where the ghost of Thomas Fatty Walsh roams? Thomas Fatty Walsh was a famous underworld figure of the early 20th century. The manager of Biltmore Hotels shot him to death. The manager later fled to Cuba and he never was charged with his murder. The Fatty Walsh ghost is haunt the hotels and targets mostly females. When guest take the elevator, they are taken to the 13th floor forcefully. Bill Clinton himself senses the presence of this Ghost.

8. The missing of Jessica Kinsey

The missing of Jessica KinseyJessica Kinsey a 14-year-old girl went missing, during 1995, from the Dollar Inn in Indiana. This girl use to stay with her boyfriend and his friend. She went with her Boyfriend from the inn in the friend’s car and never returned, few month later her boyfriend Jimmy Hopkins turned up. He has given very contradictory stories about her but due to lack of enough evidence, the police didn’t file charges. Hopkins later in the year 2008 murdered his wife and committed suicide and he has taken the mystery of Jessica’s to the grave.

8. The resort of La Posada

resort of La PosadaLa Posada was an incredible resort in Santa Fe and that was a six acre estate that belonged to a popular couple with seven children. The wife died of depression due one dead baby and subsequent pregnancies that didn’t work out and she died at the age of 52. Till today her ghost roaming the resort, especially to the Room 256 that was her bedroom. It has been said that phone calls being made from the room. And people have felt the glasses are knocked off shelves and candles get blown.

7. The abduction of Joan Gay Croft

abduction of Joan Gay Croftone of the most unusual event happened in the year 1947 when abductions took place of Joan Gay Croft. Two men dresses in Khaki uniforms came to the hospital and taken her through the hospital basement. After this unusual incident, she was never seen again. After an F5 tornado hit Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, Joan was staying at the hospital with her sister Jerri. The men came for her abduction had asked for Joan and had left her half sister Jerri behind. It was one of the bizarre events of the world.

6. The disappearance of Benita Chamberlin

disappearance of Benita ChamberlinBenita Chamberlin disappearance is still a mystery. On February 13, 1978, she gave birth to a premature daughter. Benita checked into the hospital and shared the news with a friend through a phone call, on the day her daughter was to be taken home. But she never appeared to the hospital and she never took the infant home. She was never seen after that phone call. Her deserted car and purse was found near a bottling factory and the hospital’s parking lot respectively. Till today, it is mystery that where this mother went and what happened to her.

5. The Murders of Joyce McFadden and Patricia Matix

The Murders of Joyce McFadden and Patricia Matix is one of the most bizarre incidents in the history where two ladies found strangled and stabbed to death. They both were research assistants and worked at Riverside Hospital Columbus in Ohio. The murder was also one of the horrifying with slits in throats. Their bodies were found the research facility in two separate rooms. After their deaths, their husbands were robbers and reported criminals. But they were never charged with murders and it was never proved.

4. The Fairy Circles of Namibian Desert

Fairy-Circles-of-Namibian-DesertThe Fairy Circles of Namibian Desert is one of the most mysterious facts of the world. Millions of evenly spaced circles lie in the desert of Namibia with grass growing along the circumference and nothing grows in the centre of these circles. Many a time’s fertilized soil is added, but then also there is no sign of life within. Scientists have proved that each Fairy Circle has a lifespan of up to 75 years and grows from 2 to 20 meters, they later mysteriously disappears.

3. Louis Le Prince and his bizarre disappearance

Louis-Le-Prince-and-his-bizarre-disappearanceLouis Le Prince is always known for his bizarre disappearance. He disappeared on his way to Paris when boarded a train in 1890. Till today no one knows what exactly happened to him and it is really weird to think of someone having disappeared from a moving train. It is one of the most mysterious events that are related to trains.

2. St. Louis, Saskatchewan and the Ghost Train

The-St.-Louis-Ghost-Train“Ghost of Moving Train” is one of the most interesting events of the history. The village of St. Louis, Saskatchewan is famous for the Ghost train. Many witness have confirmed that train lights approach from nowhere on the tracks and head towards them.  They have also seen the red light in between and without any sign the light disappears.

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