10 Things You Need To Know About iPhone 7

Apple lovers wait for the launch of a new iPhone and the wait for the iPhone 7 has been a long one. However, this wait was defiantly worth it. If you’re looking forward to buying the iPhone 7 and people have been trying to convince you against it, here are some reasons that will make you want to get your hands on this Smartphone as soon as it hits stores.

iPhone 7

10. The iPhone 7 will not be available in multiple variants. There will only be one base model that the brand will launch and this will be a 32 GB model. Apple scrapped the 16 GB and the 8 GB variants for this model.

9. The brand new iPhone 7 will be available in five amazing colors. The standard variants of gold, rose gold and silver will be retained. The space grey color is expected to be replaced by a dark black variant. There is also a piano black variant that will be introduced. The piano black variant will be expected to have a glossy finish. The supply for this variant is expected to be limited as this variant is expected to be available only in higher storage options.

8. The iPhone 7 will come with a revamped RAM which will be a 3 GB RAM. All previous models came with a 2 GB RAM. Although people have never complained about an iPhone hanging, this upgrade will increase the speed of the phone and make it more convenient to multi task.

7. The new iPhone 7 is not expected to have a headphone jack. This means that the space that will be saved with the lack of headphone jack will be used by a sensor that is expected to improve the revolutionary 3D touch functionality.

6. The iPhone 7 will come with a dual lens camera which will enable you to click clear and crisp images. The Smartphone will be equipped with a 2x optical lens that will enable users to zoom in 10 times. The rear camera will be a 12 MP camera and the front camera will be 7 MP.

5. This is the first time that an iPhone will have four LED’s that will be used for flash. This will help pictures bring out better colors. The four LED flash will also feature two cool and two warm just for imaging purposes.

4. While every phone comes with a proximity sensor, the brand new iPhone 7 will feature an amazing new laser technology that will take the proximity sensor to the next level.

3. While all other companies introduced dust and water resistant phones a long time ago, this is the first time that Apple has come up with a Smartphone that is water resistant and dust resistant. This will ensure that the Smartphone will be more durable and will last longer.

2. The iPhone 7 will also feature a spectrum of wider colors. Apple users will be used to this feature on the 9.7 inch iPad pro.

1. The iPhone 7 comes with the latest A10 processor which will ensure that the Smartphone will work a lot faster and smoother.

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