10 things we must know about Tabla Mstro “Ustad Zakir Hussain”

Music has no language, no boundaries. Music is only sung by heart. People sing and play instrument from heart. There is a confluence of love, Pain and feeling in their hearts. Tabla maestro Zakir Hussain will radiate the love through the table, whole world is aware of his talent. Let us know some things about the maestro.

1. Zakir Hussain was born March 9, 1951 in Mumbai. He is sons of Ustad Allah Rakhha Khan and Begum Bawi.



2. He began playing tabla at the age of 5 years and at 11 years of age, he began touring.



3. He went to The United States in 1970 and then started on his International career which includes over 150 concerts.


4. In 1991, the first release “Planet Drum album” received “Grammy Award for Best World Music Album”, which was among the first in this category.


5. Zakir Hussain is a musical producer, film actor and also a composer.


6. In 1988 he was awarded with the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan in 2002.


7. His wife Antonia Minnekola is a dancer, a Kathak teacher and they have two daughters.


8. Zakir Hussain has said in an interview, “as a child I remember going to Abbaji private gatherings with the beautiful people go in. musician use to wait in the kitchen until they finish their eating and drinks and then call out for them. I remember he boxes of food that we bring home.



9. Ustad Zakir Hussain always wanted to make his own identity in the music world but also want to remain in his father’s shadow, his father also wished the same. And he also manages to do so.


10. This year, he will share his knowledge in a lecture with the students at the “The Institute for South Asian Studies at UC Berkeley”


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