10 Ways People Get Drunk Without Alcohol

Human being is one creativity of god that looking for ways to advance on something that provide them real pleasure. If you are looking for something that can give you a kick but it should not be the alcohol then this list is comprise 10 ways people get drunk without alcohols.

10. Cough Syrup/Cold Meds

Cough Syrup Cold MedsMany people use Cough/cold syrup to get that kick. Many teenagers without knowing the repercussions using cough syrup to get drunk. It has been seen that many cough syrups has the alcohol contain that the clear reason cough syrup is one of the ways people are using to get drunk.

9. Mouthwash

MouthwashMouthwash that gives you freshness can be the most viable dangerous ways of getting drunk. It has that burning sensation that is really bad and it can even kill you as it is not meant to be swallowed so your body might not adjust with it.

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8. Hand Sanitizer

Hand SanitizerHand Sanitizer is also has some amount of alcohol content which can give you a buzz and it is enough give you slurred speech and the inability to walk straight. Although it is less dangerous and you might not die but you must respect you body.

7. Snorting Paint Thinner

Snorting Paint ThinnerPeople can go to any extent to get that feel of booze. Snorting paint thinner is so not appealing but people use to get drunk. Snorting means directly inhaling the paint thinner and you will get long-term drunk feeling.

6. Inhaling Glue

Inhaling GlueInhaling Glue is must be very difficult but it can give you drunk feeling for sure. According a study it has been said that glue depresses the nervous system and give you a real feeling of euphoric high, dizziness and all the other feeling that are associated with getting drunk.

5. Drinking Polish Remover

Drinking Polish RemoverNail polish remover are easy available and you must have notice that say encourage people to not drink the contents in the package. this can affect mostly the small kids but might get a little dizziness fee but that won’t enough for a grown up adult as there is very less amount of alcohol in it.

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4. Huffing Gasoline

Huffing GasolineHuffing gasoline is one of the most popular ways to get that drunken feeling and people are using this mean from decades. To get that cloud nine feeling than it is easiest and cheapest way to get that. This can lead you to numbness, disorientation, and hallucinations.

3. Fermented Food/Drinks

Fermented Food DrinksNow you can get drunk in safe way also by taking Fermented food and drinks. many a times fermented food content states that you must not over consume it can give you that drunk feeling for sure. Fermented drinks and foods are strong enough to make you drunk.

2. Auto Brewery Syndrome

Auto Brewery SyndromeAuto brewery syndrome is an illness where ferments food you digest covert into alcohol, thus leaving you with a feeling of intoxication.it is very rare syndrome and not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy the feeling of booze without any apparent reason.

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1. Breathable Cocktails

Breathable CocktailsBreathable Cocktail is new concept and Club in London is offering a unique experience. Here you get vaporized drinks that you can inhale through your lungs and eyeballs that make you feel like on cloud nine.

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