11 Short Animated movies “a journey towards childhood again”

The best way to relax your mind in the middle of hectic and busy life schedule is to find ways to be a child again, the best thing about childhood was cartoons movies and innocence. The 11 classified best short animated movies in the list will surely let you feel nostalgic and loved again.

11. Lifted (2006 Film)

Lifted (2006 Film)Lifted released far back in 2006 is rated as one of the most appreciated short animated movies, a Pixar computer animated movie is directed by Gary Rydstrom and has won seven times academy awards. Watch alien’s encounter with earth people with no hatred but love.

10. Scrat-Got Nutty (2002 Film)

Scrat-Got Nutty (2002 Film)The famous character Scrat of Ice Age movie series, finding ways to catch its beloved acorns is the basic run and chase theme of the movie Directed by Spain-based Director Carlos Saldanha. Scrat will surely win your heart with its innocence and effort to gain the Nutty.

9. Alma (2009 Film)

Alma (2009 Film)Animated movie Alma in the genre of Dark fantasy horror short movie has gained lots of appreciation since its release in 2009, “Alma” in Spanish means “soul”. The story is about a girl child named Alma wandering in deserted town and toy store.

8. Bully (2010 Film)

Dedicated to the Bullies and their victim, the movie showcase how a grown boy in hostel tries to bully small boy want to work over his art creation, tolerating for several times the lesson at the end will surely let you appreciate the creator.

7. The Tale of Three Brothers (2010 Film)

The Tale of Three Brothers (2010 Film)

The adaptation of fairytale and recreating it as three minutes short movie will surely let you dream of the fantasy and witchcraft world.

6. Invention of Love (2010 Film)

Invention of Love (2010 Film)As the name signifies, this short movie deals with love and its extension with a mixture of obsession and technological world, Invention of Love is Directed by Andrey Shushkov.

5. Oktapodi (2007 Film)

Oktapodi (2007 Film)The French-based animated movie Oktapodi (2007) shows love relationship of Octopus, the comical way in which they got separated then united again will surely add more fun. The Movie was nominated as Best short movie for Oscars in the year 2009.

4. For the Birds (2000 Film)

For the Birds (2000 Film)Academy Award winning movie for the representation of Birds with series of heart whelming instances will surely bring tears to your eyes, tagging appreciation worldwide For the Birds in produced by Pixar and Directed by Ralph Eggleston.

3. Zero (2010 Film)

Zero (2010 Film)One of the most innovative short movie uses Stop Motion technique at its best, Zero is Australian Based animated movie written and Directed by Christopher Kezelos.

2. Alarm (2009 Film)

Alarm (2009 Film)The South Korean movie depicting common problems of everybody’s life, waking up early to compete in the Challenging World shows fight of a boy with an alarm clock to stay for some more moments at bed relaxing.

1. Brain Divided (2013 Film)

Brain Divided (2013 Film)The comedy based short movie starring the list of short movies shows tussle between the gentle and mental mind of a nerdy man on a date with a beautiful woman. The competition of two sides confused and create a nuisance for the man.

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