12 Female Celebs We’d Pay Millions To Have A Date With

When it comes to dream date then people do everything to make it perfect but what if you get the chance to have dinner date with your favorite stars. Generally, I feel like most folks would pay an unbelievable measure of money to have one date with their fantasy celeb. One thing is true if you really get a chance to have dinner date with your favorite or dream celebs then you will be ready to pay any amount to just with that person. Here we will discuss 12 female celebs wed pay millions to have a date with.

12. Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdamsRachel McAdams know for her role in The Notebook and folks presumably looked at her in the Sherlock Holmes movies. Originating from an unassuming foundation, the Canadian actress rose to the top amid her profession scoring a great deal of profoundly lauded movies. So in addition to the fact that she is adorable, she’s really fruitful, as well. She is one celeb that uses environmentally friendly power vitality.

11. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson is the fantasy for many and anyone would pay any amount to have date with her. All you folks out there feel the agony of not able to meet her. We know Scarlett from her latest movie Marvel movies, and in addition a plenty of others. The general male populace still recognizes that she is one of the most sizzling ladies, ever. Esquire magazine even named her the Sexiest Women Alive.

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10. Jessica Alba

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba is one of the most lovely and beautiful actress. You definitely know you’d do anything for a young lady this hot. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, the woman helped to establish an organization called “The Honest Company,” which is doing really astonishing in the press and in the substantial numbers. “The Honest Company” deals in making non-harmful family products. she is definitely beauty with brains.

9. Jennifer Lawrence

JENNIFER LAWRENCEJennifer Lawrence is a consideration longing for superstar that demonstrations awkward and what not for reputation. Many time people get a genuine vibe for Jennifer, just go on YouTube, sort in “Jennifer Lawrence on Jimmy Fallon” and watch the meetings. For hell’s sake, observe any meeting with the young lady. She is so enchanting and most likely one of the realest individuals. She is one of the most beautiful actresses.

8. Mila Kunis

MILA KUNISMila Kunis is one of the most popular actress and has acted in was astonishing. One can’t extinguish the unending pound one has on Mila and you likely can’t either, yet she has an exceptionally novel quality that one can cherish in young ladies. Mila has heterochromia Iridum which is only an extravagant method for saying she has two diverse shaded eyes. Everyone would pay a million for a date with Mila.

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7. Rachel Bilson

Rachel BilsonRachel Bilson is another famous actress from Hollywood and any men will pay any amount to have dinner date with her. In the event that you haven’t seen it, you ought to look at it. In any case, the minute you got done with watching it you googled the motion picture’s IMDb to make sense of who that super hot performer was.

6. Anne Hathaway

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway is another marvel from Hollywood industry with face that can fascinate anyone.  Her angel status snared onto a hefty portion of us when we were youthful. Her role as cat women in The Dark Knight was super provocative. On the off chance that you ever see her on television shows you’ll be awed by how aware and real she is. She is perfect balanced and skilled individual.

5. Maggie Grace

Maggie GraceMaggie grace is one of the most beautiful actresses and her part as Faith in Showtime’s Californication was unimaginably fabulous, and her part as Kim in the activity thriller, Taken. There is this YouTube video of Maggie on TBS’s Conan where she concedes that Liam really trick called her Ex-beau in his Taken persona. She is one actress for whom one could pay any amount to get a dinner date chance.

4. Anna Kendrick

Anna KendrickEverybody knows Anna from her part in the hit motion picture, Pitch Perfect. Anna is comical on meetings and just appears to be this fun provocative open-book sort. Beginning her vocation in Broadway, she’s truly bloomed into the prime of a cutting edge American actress. It is true to say that Anna is one such celeb that would be easy to talk to when you meet her in a date.

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3. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey DeschanelZooey Deschanel is blessed with insane great looks and flawless eyes. We first began to look all starry eyed at with Zooey amid her part in the occasion drama Elf, and after watching her performance is Yes Man, everymen wanted to buy her an engagement ring. Zooey has invested a great deal of energy into the real music industry itself. She is definitely a date choice for every man.

2. Sophia Bush

Sophia BushSophia Bush is one of the hottest celeb of Hollywood.  That grin is justified regardless of a whole novel. Sophia’s role in National Lampoon’s Van Wilder is one of the roles that get grabbed maximum attention. She is without any doubt most sizzling American Actresses and that is basically the main motivation behind her appearance in the list. Every men dream to have a date with Sophia Bush.

1. Emma Watson

Emma WatsonEmma Watson just blew everyone mind with each move she made all through her expert course of events. Toward one side, she’s battling for Women’s rights and training as a dissident, and on the flip side, she’s sufficiently cool to star in freakish comedies like This is The End. She is definitely the top choice as she has the perfect personality and a date that every man desire for. I’d pay millions to go out on the town with her.


The list has some of your favorite star or female celebs wed pay millions just to enjoy a dinner date with them in real some day.

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