15 Most Adventurous Things to Do in Your Bachelor Life

Marriage is definitely not the end of all the individual freedom and getting real life experience. But you will surely not want to go out and travel solo for soul searching by leaving your spouse at home. So before your single status expires and this fate unties itself on you, be sure to get the best the world has to offer in one go. Here are the tips you can do to get memorable experiences of your single life.

1. Biking in the Himalayas

Biking in the HimalayasThe unexploited Spiti and overcrowded Leh along with the hills of Uttarakhand have a lot to offer. After a great trek and finishing it at the spiritual destination, you can conclude the trip with a long road trip and revive the energy for experiences like staying with yourself.

2. Go to Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam

Go to Cannabis Cup in AmsterdamEurope has amazing and astonishing fun activities where Dutch contest to show that they make the best marijuana in the city. Guess how the winner is declared?

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3. Visit Pattaya at Once

Visit Pattaya at OnceThe liberated culture of Bangkok for the tourists is combined with unmatched hospitality due to which it is the great place for both couples and bachelors.

4. Hampi to Goa Road Trip

Hampi to Goa Road TripHampi is known to be the most popular architectural jewels of medieval India and it still holds the exquisite and traditional feel. But it is not all about its ponds and temples. It attracts a lot of hippie tourists from different parts of the world. So, step up the move to Goa which is just 7 hours away from Hampi.

5. Try Your Fortune in Las Vegas

Fortune in Las VegasMaybe you have seen enough Hollywood movies. So, I don’t think you need any reason to drop your idea to go Vegas.

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6. Participate in a Ladakh Marathon

Participate in a Ladakh MarathonYou might need to participate around a few years in advance for this. This is 11,400 ft. marathon and you have to prepare in advance. The moment you hit the finish line first will overwhelm you with lots of emotions you basically don’t know you actually have.

7. Visit any Favorite Destination Alone

Favorite Destination AloneIndia has no lack of tourist destinations where you can meet new people, such as Shimla, Manali and Goa. The experience will make you happy when you get back to home and expand your horizons. If you haven’t done this yet, go to the popular and crowded destinations solo.

8. Visit a Place You Don’t Like, with Your Buddies

If you hate Goa because you think that the crowded party cities irritate you as a traveler, you need to settle down and go to a wild party destination again.  Then the place will give you hilarious and remarkable memories, rather than cynical judgment.

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9. Dive in the Deep Blue Andaman’s Oceans

Love the ocean? You must be! From the stunning views of sunsets and breathtaking beaches, Andaman Islands have the exquisite water world which is completely amazing to explore through diving and snorkeling. The barriers between two different worlds crash down through the waves. It will surely melt your heart. It is the ideal recluse as the singleton before you get there with your future soul mate.

10. Backpack around the North East

From the Meghalaya’s Living Roots Bridge to Assam’s Mayong Culture, from Arunachal’s Tawang to the Tripura’s Jampui Hills and from Mizoram’s Blue Mountains to Manipur’s Loktak Lake and the Nagaland’s Hornbill Festival can definitely change your world. It can make you an aspiring backpacker. Admit it; this tour has something one can feel alone or with a buddy before getting married.

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11. Enjoy the Fairytale Night in Rann of Kutch

Indeed, the Rann of Kutch is a mesmerizing destination. It is the seasonal salt marsh that will crunch under your feet and you will be watching the hypnotic landscape that melts on the horizon. The sun plays its mystic parade here and it changes from red to black. It completely feels like the earth ends here. So, enjoy the fairytale night and see the glistening stars and get into the eternal world.

12. Explore Dhanushkodi

Though this ghost town is cleaned off, but its remains reflect its history that what it was. It is located in the southern tip of the country and it is a no man’s land which has the panoramic view. So, feel the end of the world and relive the rejuvenating peace.

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13. Get Indulged in the Serenity of Matheran

Go for a solo trip to this green paradise and explore the inner spirituality. The small patches of summits are completely loaded with extravagant trails and shady forests. Here you can enjoy the magical drive. It is the best choice to unwind because vehicles are not allowed here. So, get the experience under the fresh and natural charms. So, it is yet another best place to peace with your inner self before your life changes.

14. Witness the Caves of Meghalaya

Located around Cherrapunjee, the caves of Khasi Hills and other related areas invoked a refined kind of love. It may not be the regular destination for you. But you can actually move to these mountains to explore various caves.  The streams are running down the valley lined with sandstone and limestone faces. Its extraordinary charm will definitely stun you.

15. Take a Long Drive from Mumbai to Kanyakumari

So pack up your bags, start the SUV and head to the Western Ghats to conclude the bachelor journey of your life! Starting from Mumbai, you may go to Kanyakumari via Dapoli, Tarkarli, Udipi, Agonda, Kochi, Kozhikode, and Trivandrum. The 1700 km long road trip will invoke you with the sensational curiously to life and you can find a spiritual self of you.  Having an adrenaline rush? Keep your journey along the East Coast to Kolkata.

16. Be a Lone Traveler

So the day of your marriage is coming closer. It’s time to take the plunge and witness the depth of independence. Go for a solo trip for a few days to find your inner depths. Believe me; nothing can beat the feeling of exploring your inner self in this world. You will definitely come up with a different personality.

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