15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Rock Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is known and very famous WWE star and he has fan following around the globe. Here in this list we will discuss 15 things you didn’t know about The Rock Dwayne Johnson. It is true to say that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will do exactly concerning something and achieve success at it. We all know he’s employed very arduous and zilch in life extremely comes straightforward, however regardless of the Rock touches looks to only address gold. Johnson has been doing his factor for several years and long before anyone knew him as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He has won many championship including eight WWF/WWE championships.

Dwayne Johnson15. Johnson Has Fears Like Everyone Else

No one can ever believe that the guy like Johnson would be terrified of something. It simply goes to point out you that size doesn’t matter! Everybody has fears. The 275-pound of all-muscle has fears similar to the remainder folks. Johnson is terrified of spiders, “miniature” horses, and roller coaster rides. He has an equivalent fears as a great deal of others and isn’t afraid to admit it.

14. His Grandfather Was a Bond Villain

Johnson appeared to be destined for high status. He launched wrestling and was extraordinarily flourishing in doing therefore; he then determined to undertake his luck as an actor that we tend to all recognize he’s a tremendous actor furthermore. What you’ll not recognize is that Johnson’s grandparent, Peter Maivia, was conjointly a flourishing wrestler.

13. Johnson’s Likeness Has Been Turned into a Wax Model

Johnson doesn’t have to surprise that he has turned into a wax model. You recognize you’ve created it success once you’re a wax sculpture. Johnson has won several WWE Championships and asterisked in many high-grossing movies that the oldsters at the notable lady Tussaud’s depository set to show Johnson into a duplicate waxed model in 2002.

12. Wrestling is a Family Business

Wrestling are some things that The Rock was born to try and do. It’s undoubtedly in his blood. Did you recognize that his father Rocky Johnson was conjointly an expert wrestler, additionally as his granddad Peter Maivia? This makes The Rock not solely a third-generation wrestler, however conjointly the WWF’s initial third-generation  and very well known wrestler.

11. The First Athlete To HostSNLMore Than Once

Johnson has created many guest appearances on Saturday Night Live. What’s notable is that his initial SNL stint in 2000 was however he transitioned into creating films. He began receiving Hollywood studio offers when his entry on SNL. SNL usually has sports figures on their show; however Johnson was the sole one who was asked back.

10. Johnson’s Catchphrase Landed In The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

At his WWE peak, it appeared that everything The Rock aforementioned became instant catchphrases. The Rock’s renowned word “smackdown” was therefore standard that it had been side to Merriam.

There are many catchphrases by him like:

“It Doesn’t Matter.”
“Just Bring It.”

“The Millions.”

9. Johnson Earned The Highest Paycheck for an Actor’s First Leading Role

Johnson gained a lot of popularity being the Movie star, despite having no previous acting expertise in movies. The Rock created a simple transition from the WWE to big-budget Hollywood action films. His role within the Scorpion King earned him the best check ever for an actor’s 1st leading role, taking in $5.5 million.

8. Everything Johnson Touches Turns Into Gold

Johnson is one of best grossing actors and it has been said that whatever Johnson touches turns into gold.  He may also be cooperative, encompassing himself with Vin Diesel and different stars within the quick and Furious franchise. Johnson is additionally a popular author. His 2000 autobiography The Rock Says…. explored his family’s wrestling heritage, still as his struggle and rise in wrestling.

7. The Rock Owns the Rights to “The Rock”

Dwayne Johnson is one wrestler who has taken the right for the name “The Rock” and not only this he also posses the right of logos and phrases associated with the character. Right now Johnson prefers to not use “TheRock, providing he’s currently a bona-fide action star. For his movie future he wants to be known as Dwayne Johnson.”

6. The Rock is Samoan

The Rock without any doubt is blessed with exotic look; some suppose he’s African American and Caucasian, whereas others might imagine he’s African American and Spanish. The Rock, looks to look to fans that’s he’s of black descent whereas others claim he’s undoubtedly white. For the fact he is half African American and half Samoan.

5. “The Rock” Could’ve Been Known as “The Flex”

At the starting of his career he was known as “Flex Savanna.” and later it was converted into “Rocky Maiva”, that was sheer combination of his father and grandfather’s ring names. Again after some time it was renamed as “The Rock,” in 1997.The Rock got stuck with him permanently and picture him without this name is now not possible.

4. He Has Bouts of Depression

In public life, Johnson is usually comedic and spirited, an enormous fuzzy bear. Thus it’s stunning to grasp that he struggled with depression throughout the course of his adult life. Once a shoulder injury whereas enjoying school soccer, Johnson fell into depression. Once being cut from Canadian soccer League’s urban center Stampede, Johnson conjointly fell into depression. But he fought back and made his name and career.

3. His Cousin is His Stunt Double

Very few people must b aware with the fact that his cousin Tanoai Reed played an important role in his life for being his action-packed movies for over 13 years. Both have started their career together with a dozen movies. Many fans really get confused and ask Reed to photograph with them when fans think he’s Johnson.

2. Johnson Went to College, Unlike Other Wrestlers and Hollywood Stars

Johnson is handsome and very strong but his equally educated as well. He went to University of Miami where he helped his university win a Championship in 1991 and also completed his graduation in Criminology and received the degree. Johnson will look wonderful as an FBI agent.

1. Johnny Depp is Linked to Johnson in Two Surprising Ways

Yes there is connection between him and Johny depp. Chocolate Factory had Johnny Depp in the lead role as Willy Wonka which was offered to Dwayne Johnson as well. Dwayne Johnson lost out to Johnny Depp for the Favorite Movie Actor award at the 2008 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

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