15 Women Who Fell for and Madly Loved Criminals

Several criminals and gangsters came and gone over the hundreds of years. But there are some people who fell in love madly with wrongdoers. When some admired the guts of these criminals, some hated them; there were some in the history who loved them madly.  It is true that love has no boundaries and it definitely has no reason or pattern. Despite of what they are, there were some women who loved them with their soul and heart. Most of the people may never understand why these women would fall for such badass criminals. Here are the 15 women who loved criminals beyond all boundaries –

Monica Bedi

Monica BediMonica allegedly took help of Abu Salem to get a break in films. Being an underworld don, Abu Salem has enough power to convince filmmakers and give limelight and attention to Monica Bedi. In 2002, the couple was arrested in Portugal for using forged documents. Her conviction was upheld but the court reduced her jail time. On the other side, Salem got jailed for lifetime in 2015.

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MandakiniMandakini got her first break in showbiz at a very tender age of 16. She gained fame instantly on Ram Teri Ganga Maili for her bold scenes and the film was a big hit. Later on, she mentioned that she was just friend of Dawood. But the reality was different than what she said. She was seen with Dawood many times together in public. The duo was rumored to be dating.

Nihita Biswas

Nihita BiswasBikini Killer, Charles Shobhraj apparently said that he fell in love with Nihita at first sight. Charles and Nepalese beauty were known to have been tied the knot in a prison in Kathmandu. Her mother is the lawyer of Charles. She was also appeared in Bigg Boss Season 5.

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Mamta Kulkarni

Mamta KulkarniShe ran off with Vicky Goswami after getting a great run in the industry. Vikram Goswami was a great drug dealer who lived in Dubai around a decade ago. After converting to Islam, they both got married. However, the couple was arrested in 2014 in Kenya.

Sona Mastan

Sona MastanSona was a small-time actress who looked much similar to the starlet Madhubala. Haji Mastan was a huge fan of Madhubala. Haji Mastan was a gangster who became humanitarian but he was still a gangster. After first meeting with Sona, they got married soon by choice.

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Anita Ayub

Anita AyubThe beauty show contestant and a model, Anita Ayub was in relationship with Dawood Ibrahim. It is reported that Jawed Siddiqui was shot dead by Dawood’s men when he declined the offer for casting her in a film. It seems that he gave a lesson not to mess with don’s girlfriend.

Evelyn ‘Billie’ Frechette

Evelyn ‘Billie’ FrechetteJohn Dillinger was known for his thefts, bank robberies and jailbreaks for several times. He met Billie Frechette when she was a waitress. They fell in love and he took her on tour with his gang. For harboring a suspect, she got arrested with John who was watching her from a walk away. They got sentenced for 2 years where Dillinger was shot.

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Neha Sambari

Neha SambariShe fell in love with an ex-cricketer Ankeet Chavan. Later, he was accused in spot fixing. He has been served with 7-year of imprisonment. However, Neha still ended up marrying him because of love. On his sentence, he still has 5 years left.

Maria Victoria Henoa

Maria Victoria HenoaPablo Escobar is among the most popular crime lords and godfather in history. When Maria was just 15, she met him when he was 26. They married and she stayed loyal to him till the end. When he died, she revealed that she was in relationship with him. She served with imprisonment of 1.5 years for money laundering charges.

Andrea Giovino

Andrea GiovinoFrank Lino belongs to gangster family. He met Andrea when she was just 21 and a mistress. She became his wife soon. Andrea started managing his family business when he got arrested. However, Lino became an informer which, later on, saved Andrea from imprisonment.

Virginia Hill

Virginia HillShe had been in love with Bugsy Seigel, who was a gangster came from Genovese Family. In 1951, she was called into the court to give evidence against him but she denied doing anything. She went to Europe in 1966 after getting accused of tax evasion. She never came back as she passed away there. Why did she died is still uncertain and involvement of mafia couldn’t be cleared.

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Julie Lucas

Julie LucasShe was just 17 when she met an organized crime leader and drug dealer of Harlem, Frank Lucas. They got caught in the year 1972. She was involved in his illegal activities. She proved her loyalty by spending 5 years of her in jail with him. It’s been 4 decades since they got married.

Mayme Hatcher

Mayme HatcherAfter moving to New York, she came across with Ellsworth ‘Bumpy’ Johnson after 10 years in 1948. He was one of the most popular mobsters in Harlem due to which she enjoyed the stature like a queen. Even though he sent away for 10 years and arrested for 40 times, she remained loyal to him. In 2009, she was died but still managed to reveal what he actually was.

Linda Schiro

Linda SchiroShe was just 17 when she had first meeting with Gregory Scarpa. He was also known as Grim Reaper. For 30 years, she had in relationship with him to enjoy a lavish life. He was in prison when he died in 1994. Since then, she turned into a poor widow.

Victoria Gotti

Victoria GottiJohn Gotti was a mob boss. She met and fell in love with Carmine Agnello in the 1970s. Carmine was also from a crime family who was running the old scrap metal business. The kids of Victoria and Carmine were killed by a neighbor who disappeared and announced dead.


All of us deserve love and we find it somewhere. These women did too. Despite the life their men gave, they lived in a committed relationship.

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