5 Android Apps for Less Boring Lock Screens

Everyone when using mobile phone always look for exciting lock screen. As we all know and understand that the lock screen is each a vital and redundant feature of the smartphone. On one hand it’s essential to stay yourself from accidentally line somebody or launching an app, and helps stop unauthorized access to your phone. Here we will discuss 5 apps for less boring lock screen. these five lock screen will provide five differing kinds of users do a lot of with their android lock screens, and it’s now not close to obtaining notifications. Getting a real active and vibrant lock screen would be a great idea and when you do much more then it definitely help you to love your phone more.

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1. For Productivity Seekers: Cover

1Ever want for your phone to know ahead that apps you employ most frequently after you are at work or at home? Then, this is often the app for you. Cover could be a good flexible app that learns what apps you always use while at home, at work or within the travelling. It then brings these most-used apps to your lock screen at the correct time and place for example during workplace hours when you are at your workplace.

At the time of installation, Cover asks for your home and work address, and whenever you progress from one place to a different, it changes the set of apps offered right your lock screen.

2To access the apps you would like, merely pull its icon to the right. The screen under can uncover the app as if it absolutely was open right along. you’ll be able to customize the method your work / home / in-car lock screens appear as if by selecting a wallpaper from the planned list or by uploading your own image.
Then you can also use other customization choices that enable the setting of ringer preferences for various locations, let’s say, to get on Vibrate just for work, to own the ringer on for home and in-car, and silent mode at nighttime. It is one of the most useful lock screen type that you must try.

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