5 Best Business Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Definitions of economic growth has all been changed for the past few decades, entrepreneurship is smoother than ever. Communication is an important goal to achieve within a small business system, and thanks to technology for coming up with so many effective and efficient solutions to such concerns. Setting up an in house communication (e.g. small business mobile phone or small business VOIP service) system for a business has become easier than it ever was – because tech companies sell communications modules that are very easy to set up and operate. Entrepreneurs can put all the concentration on what really matters – the business itself, rather than paying attention to smaller details like how a communication system is running on a business network.

Perks of a Dedicated Communication System for Small Business

The number of pros are plenty lot, while there’s practically no con to having a dedicated communication system. To help up with the process, there are plenty lot of phone companies for small businesses. Here are few of the perks we have noticed with a dedicated communication system.

The best part about having a dedicated communication system is smooth data flow among the employees and the ability to engage anyone at any office setup, no matter what necessity shows up. There would be no busy tones, no engaged exchange switch in between to get over with, hence collaboration won’t be slow as well. Also, for businesses that require a lot mobilization for the employees, having a personalized communication system is much appreciated.

As far as business confidentiality is concerned, a private phone system for small businesses can solve that. Setting up one doesn’t really cost much in contrast to the return it pays off, yet it offers the best solution to keeping company information safe.

Different technologies are available in this specific field – typical telephony system, or VOIP for small business phone systems both are very popular means. The latter is mostly used as the current industry standard.

5 Best Phone Systems for Small Business

Different platforms are available to set up a common small business telephony system. The companies below are very popular for providing such logistics and technology, thus we have covered few features in brief.

1. Cisco Business Edition 6000

All basic telephony features are available on the Cisco Business Edition 6000 series. The handsets provided on this system looks pretty much like a standard telephone set that every household used to have decades ago. However, the operating technology is much different. Internet and IP allocation is involved, also a larger display on the telephone sets provide in-depth information on the caller, from where the call is being generated, caller ID for the caller etc. There are features like voice messages, customized music instead of the boring toot toot tone while a call is being dialed etc.

Cisco Business Edition 6000 is basically made for a business with connectivity up to 1000 users. Up to 50 phones could be paged, additional hardware and software would be required to add more paged Cisco IP phones.

2. ESI

On ESI small business phone systems, computer integration is a core part. Thus, management of users and dialing protocols is done directly on a computer system which makes it easier for system admins to manage the whole system in a much better way. There’s a caller ID storage feature which stores information about a caller up to 25 days, that’s a pretty long period to cross-check any communication occurrence. For emergency 911 dialing, there’s an individual alert system.

An employee might not be present on their office desk at all times and automatic answering is a very useful feature to have. Auto attendant takes calls for an employee and plays a recorded message. Call forwarding to some other number could also be done.

3. Nextiva

Collaboration gets the highest focus on Nextiva telephony systems. They have mobile apps as well, which makes it easier to carry out collaboration between the team members of a company or a specific project under a small business. Conference call is a standard feature on Nextiva. Three different plans for setting up a small business VOIP serviceis available, and all these plans offer a free local telephone number and also a toll-free number, which could certainly come useful for a small business. Call recording would make business assessment easier in the long run.

4. Toshiba Strata CIX

Toshiba, as big as it sounds – offers a flexible communication system for small business setups. Few advanced feature like text-to-speech and automated voice response are available as standard options. Number of users on Toshiba Strata CIX system could be 1000 at most; not just wired telephones but mobile handsets with full-fledged connectivity as well. Every user on the network will get a dedicated caller ID, extension numbers to forward calls to, customized voicemail and hold tune or message, call transfer feature etc.

5. ShoreTel Sky

Up to 1000 user allocation is possible on ShoreTel Sky small business telephony systems. However, call conferencing features have received added focus on these telephony systems thus arranging conference calls, choosing a moderator amongst the users and send out invitations to conference partners all could be done very easily through a common PC based interface. Text messaging is added in case taking a verbal call isn’t necessary at any specific moment. Other features are video chat, file sharing etc.


Setting up a dedicated telephone system for small businesses has become very easy – doing some research and spending money on the appropriate tools is all it takes. However, most of the companies mentioned here provide free setup and a negligible amount on customer support and yearly maintenance, every company should avail those for reduced hassle.

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