5 Best Child Health Insurance Policy and their Benefits

With such a lot of pollution and such a lot of corruption prevailing in our country, health insurance nowadays cannot be limited only for the aged people anymore. It is seen through many researches and surveys that more than elders, the small children and the new born are at a greater risk of suffering from fatal diseases and even death. It is very heartbreaking for any parent to see their child suffer and to let him or her suffer just because they do not have adequate finances at the right time for their child’s treatment. With the medical costs soaring up each day, it has become very important to get a health insurance for your little one. Even one that is actually in your name but can be shared with your child is also enough.

Children Health Insurance

Why does your child need a health insurance?

  • Degradation of immunity

The immune system in children is not strong enough as it is still growing therefore with a weaker immunity children are more prone to acquire several complicated diseases and are unable to fight the disease naturally on their own.

  • Vulnerability of children

Children are more active than adults and their playtime always results in coming in contact with dirt and grime therefore they are more prone to get germ and virus attacks, making them more vulnerable to diseases.

  • Accident prone

Young children have partially developed reflexes therefore they are less careful. Accidents happen to them most due to their inability to save themselves.

  • For a stress free life

Getting a health insurance will lead to a stress free life for you as you will not have to worry about the expenses of your children’s medical costs.

Children Health Insurance Policy (Best ones)

Let us now have a look at the best children health insurance policies available in India

  • Aviva Life Bond Advantage

This is one of the long term health insurance plans for your child which also offers you the facility of withdrawing money every 5 years. It offers lifetime life and health insurance.

  • Health Suraksha by HDFC ERGO

The policy named Health Suraksha by HDFC ERGO is a health insurance policy for children from as early as 91 days old to forever. It comes with a condition of both the parents being insured too.

  • Personal accident coverage plan by HDFC ERGO

This policy by HDFC ERGO is the most flexible policy available in India as with a single policy of this kind one can insure the health of the whole family including wife and children. Therefore the costs are lessened to a great extent.

  • Premium family health insurance by Apollo Munich

This health insurance policy is specially created for your newborn child and extends well beyond their adulthood. The policy also protects the mother by covering all the expenses during her maternity phase.

  • Aviva Live Smart policy

This one also is a very flexible health insurance and it also combines 7 types of funding possibilities. You can also withdraw every 5 years without any charges. This is a health insurance that also involves personal investment and is also capable of increasing your health.

Things to consider before taking a child health insurance policy

Always take help from a well trusted insurance advisor or alternatively you can also take help from online portals and compare and contrast several health insurances before settling for one. Always consider the amount beforehand and only take a policy which you can afford so that later it does not become a burden for you.  Take a flexible plan which will allow you to undertake partial withdrawals in cases of emergencies.

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