5 Best Diesel Cars under Rs. 5 lac in India

Diesel cars are popular in emerging markets because of their economic efficiency, monthly maintenance cost is also lower for these vehicles. In markets where the gasoline price is too high; people needs vehicles with cheaper fuel and diesel cars meet the demand unlike many others. Indian roads are basically quite traffic congestion prone and having a car that consumes lesser fuel, or a cheaper fuel is certainly more appreciated in the communities. A budget around 5 lac rupees is very common for an average Indian family for a car, and we have taken good efforts to sort out 5 diesel running cars in that range.

List of Top 5 Best Diesel Cars below Rs. 5 lac in India 2016

1. Tata Vista

Tata Vista

Tata Vista is a famous India-made car that comes in two diesel engine variants. The engines go by the titles TDi and Quadrajet 75. The offer two similar yet slightly different engine configuration. TDi is a bigger engine of 1405 cc displacement whereas the Quadrajet 75 engine is only 1248 cc. Maximum torque on TDi is 135.4 Nm and Quadrajet 75 is 190 Nm. These engines are turbo intercooled, and has 4 cylinders like any other typical car with same configuration. Both these cars offer 5 forward and 1 reverse gear; it’s a manual transmission box. Fuel tank capacity is 37 liters. Price: Rs. 5 lac approx. Best Cars between 5-7 Lakhs

2. Chevrolet Beat Diesel

Chevrolet Beat is tiny, very fashionable, comes in striking colors with accented edges all over the body and a very aerodynamic design, and it’s a diesel driven car. The looks certainly doesn’t look like it runs on diesel, but it actually does. The engine displacement on Chevrolet Beat Diesel is 1199 cc and the highest output it can provide is 57.1 PS power and 142.5 Nm of torque. Mileage has been rated at 25.44 kmpl so far. There are 5 seats with one foldable rear seat, and for the safety of the passengers two airbags have been included. Chevrolet Beat Diesel is known as the most fuel efficient hatchback car in India. Price: Rs. 432,498.

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3. Renault Pulse

‘Life Needs a Pulse’ that’s what this spectacular Renault vehicle wears as a motto. The Renault Pulse is another hatchback vehicle that offers magnificent performance, slick design, all the necessary levels of safety and absolute comfort while driving through a humid summer day and long boring traffic jam is a common thing. Despite being a tiny car, the Pulse can seat 5 persons comfortably. The engine is 1461 cc and power output is 64 PS max. Though the engine is quite big, yet the mileage is rated 23.08 kmpl – that’s pretty impressive. It’s a FWD car. Price: Rs. 5 lacs approx.

4. Tata Indica ev2

Tata Indica ev2

The ev2 variant of the Tata Indica runs in diesel, and comes in two different engine specs. The first engine is BS4, which has a displacement of 1396 cc and offers 140 nm maximum torque and 70 PS maximum power. The other engine is a BS3 engine with DOHC and 16 valves, it’s a 1405 cc engine with maximum power output of 48.9 PS and 85 Nm of maximum torque. Both these engines run on diesel. Price: Rs. 487,568.

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5. Ford Figo

There are plenty of variants for the Ford Figo; it comes in both petrol and diesel options. The Ford Figo 1.5 TDCi is the most basic Ford Figo diesel model. It has an engine displacement of 1495 cc. The maximum power output is 99 bhp and the maximum torque output is 215 Nm. It offers 25.83 kmpl mileage. Ford Figo offers seating capacity for 5 persons easily. It’s a manual transmission car with 5 forward and 1 reverse gears. Price: Rs. 4.47 lac onwards.

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In the Indian consumer market of vehicles, these 5 diesel cars have won millions of hearts. Their fuel efficiency and lower maintenance tendency makes them more popular among the people. The prices might vary a little depending on your location.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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