5 Best Home Care Products by Patanjali (Baba Ramdev)

Love the feel of a cleanse, dirt and grime free home, don’t you? Well everyone envisions such a tradeoff. But there needs a heck lot of hardship in getting the home neat and tidy all along the coast. That’s where the home care products kick in, literally.

But if you’ve been pigeon-holing the home care products into just a mere cleanse material, you might have been mistaken all your life, mate. Let us recreate your memories of home care products.

Home care products are one of the top marked demanded products in today’s date and rightly so. There are multiple companies running errands to garner the best spot for themselves. We here have been on a mission of rating the best home care products on our blog and have picked up the ergonomically growing company of current, Patanjali, headed by Baba Ramdev.

We’ve got the 5 best home care products from Patanjali down below. Go give it a read, will you?

5. Patanjali Herbal Gulal

Patanjali Herbal Gulal

  • Gulal or simply said colored powders are a prime time high demanded product during the religious and festival terms.
  • There is multiple brands offering Gulal or colored powders in the market. But as is the case with commercialization, there’redoubtsabout the genuine nature of the products offered in the market.
  • Step forward, Patanjali with its herbal Gulal that isn’t hazardous to health and skin. Thus you can enjoy the festival limelight without fearing for health related risks.

4. Patanjali Herbal Shuddhi Floor Cleaner

Patanjali Herbal Shuddhi Floor Cleaner

  • One for the cleaning of floor and home, Patanjali’s floor cleaner is the perfect answer to a clean, dirt and bacteria free home.
  • This one works in the same ilk as of a disinfectant and phenyl paired with acleansing
  • It’s available through Patanjali’s outlet and via its partnered stores.

3. Patanjali Dish Wash Bar

Patanjali Dish Wash Bar

  • Any home needs an ample of dish wash bar to cleanse of the utensils.
  • Be it dishwasher or the traditional way of hand-cleansing, you’d definitely need a punch of dish wash.
  • In order to support this ordeal of household demand for dish wash, Patanjali came up with a bar name as Super Dish Wash Bar that’s available through its outlets and partnered stores.
  • The bar is combined with a glint of lemon and wood ash for deep and bacteria free cleansing of the vessels.

Price- Rs 10 for a bar

2. Patanjali Detergent Powder and Cakes

Patanjali Detergent Powder and Cakes

  • Patanjali has a plethora of detergent cakes and powders on offer in the home care catalog.
  • It’s detergent powders and cake are available in two variants named as ‘Popular’, ‘Superior’ and ‘Ujjwal’.
  • Often termed as the best detergent products in the market, their offering has caused quite a fall in the sales for other brands.
  • Patanjali also has a premium detergent in the offering for those seeking higher grades.

1. Patanjali Agarbatti

Patanjali Aggarbatti

  • Aggarbatti or Incense sticks are the best sources of perfumed smell in the air.
  • Often used part of the social and religious traditions, Aggarbatti has a heightened place in the human kind.
  • Patanjali’s Aggarbatti offers a host of options for the flavors and has quite a momentous sense of attachment to it.
  • A few of the available variants are Jasmine, Lavender, Konark, Rose, Sandal, Oudh and more.
  • Light it up to recreate the magic in the air.

What’s your thoughts on these? Share your experiences with these products down below and let us know. And if you haven’t had the crack of it, get to your nearest store and buy the one that interests you.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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