5 Best Jeans Brands for Women in India

Jeans has always been the formidable choice for both men and women in India. Jeans is the only clothing which never goes off fashion even after centuries. A quality pair of jeans is made of Denim cloth. Here is the list of top 5 brands for Women’s jeans, offering quality and reliable products for decades.




Also called as LS&CO or just Levi’s, Levi Strauss & Co. makes world-class Denim Jeans. Founded in the year 1853, the company is offering world-class service in clothing market. Dockers, Levi’s, Signature and Denizen are the well-known brands from Levi’s. To promote their products, Levi’s has launched several commercials and songs.  Levi’s is known to offer Jeans for both girls and boys. Women’s jeans come in different sizes starting from 26 and ranging from Rs. 1400 onwards, in different categories like skinny fit, regular fit and slim fit.

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Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, Wrangler is engaged in producing Jeans having plants in different locations across the world. Initially, Wrangler Jeans was produced by Blue Bell, acquiring the brand after taking Casey Jones over in the mid of 1940s. Blue Bell had employed Rodeo Ben Lichtenstein, a tailor who worked with cowboys earlier, in order to design jeans for rodeo. This is when Wrangler Jeans was originated. Launched in 1947, the 13MWZ style is still offered across the world. Since then, Wrangler has launched various other ranges dedicated to specific age group of users and some of them are Riggs, 20X and Aura.



Launched by Henry David Lee in 1889, Lee Mercantile Company was introduced at Salina Kansas engaged in producing jackets and dungarees. The growth of the company was started by launching the Union-All purpose jumpsuit in the year 1913 and their first in the year 1920. Later in 1920s, Lee launched a zipper and kept on expanding. The first overall collection for children was sold around that time. The president and founder, HD Lee died of heart attack and its complications in 1928. The company had been the leading maker of work clothing during the 1930s and 1940s in the US.

The Lazy S became the well-known back pocket in 1944. A distribution center in Kansas City was wiped out on a flood. The whole stock of products was ruined, but Buddy Lee dolls were saved. Lee looked forward to expand with casual wear in 1954. The company has enhanced its reach to across 81 nations in 1960s and became a brand when owned by VF Corporation in 1969. In the fashion market, Denim became the crossover and Vietnam protestors have welcomed bellbottoms with open arms. Lee promoted its western wear for the first time in television. Lee moved to fashion cycles from work wear business in 1970s. Lee became one of the leading Denim brands and very popular among the youth.

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Pepe Jeans London

In the year 1973, The Spiders From Mars was just released by David Bowie and the Slades Cum on Feel the Noise was playing along on stereos all around the world. It was the time when Marlon Brando refused Oscar to protest against the dilemma of American Indians. It was the time when Live & Let Die, Mean Streets, Serpico and Paper Moon were hitting the cinemas and made Evel Knievel the hero of the era. Pepe Jeans London has rivaled all around the leading US brands in 1980s and made the way for the No. 1 position in the market. It became the most successful brand in the UK for offering Jeans. Pepe has kept on with maverick talents and directors over the past 35 years.


The story of Spykar starts from 1992 when the ambition of Mr. Prasad Pabrekar led him to enter in fashion accessories and apparels to use the vast repertoire of his technical skills in processing Denim jeans.  He introduced the company with strong belief that Human Capital is the best investment for any company. They started out with just a few members and the company built up slowly with around 300 associates. Spykar has strived hard to deliver the product that has international appeal. The core business of the company is Denim. They constantly bring new styles and produce world-class denims.

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