5 Bizarre Facts About India That Seem Total Lies But Are Actually True

India is a vast country which has some great heritage and culture. This country is also the birthplace of where all humans learnt to speak and has stories that will shock you. While you might have heard a number of rumors about the country, here are 5 of them that are actually true.

A floating post office

Yes, you’ve probably heard about it and you haven’t believed it but it’s true. There’s a floating post office that’s in Srinagar in India. This post office started in August 2011 and was started off with a view to attract tourists. Make sure you check out the post office that floats the next time you visit Srinagar.


KumbhMela gathering visible from space

KumbhMela gathering visible from spaceThe KumbhMela is one of the largest gatherings in India which has a large number of pilgrims gathering together for worship. While there were rumors about the gathering being so large that it is visible from space, most people disregarded it thinking it was impossible to spot a gathering of people from space. However, in 2011 the gathering at the KumbhMela which had over 75 million people gathered together for worship was a visible sight from space and there are a number of photo evidences on the internet to prove it.

Bandra Worli Sea link has steel wires equal to the earth’s circumference

This bridge is one of the most talked about bridges in India. It’s spread across 5,600 meters over the sea connecting the cities most crowded areas and making it easily accessible. The 7 minute journey on this bridge has solved the problem for a number of daily commuters who can now save a lot of time while traveling. It took 9 years to complete this marvel. The construction begun in 2000 and was successfully completed in 2009. There have been rumors about the amount of steel used to construct this bridge and while people don’t believe it, the fact is that it took so much steel that if weighed it would equal to the weight of 50,000 elephants. If the wires on this bridge were put together it would equal to the circumference of the earth.


The highest cricket ground in the world

highest cricket ground in the worldIndians love their cricket and while gully cricket is a common concept here, there’s equal importance given to the sport on a national and international level. There are a number of stadiums in India, but the Chail Cricket Ground is one of the grounds that’s most talked about. The ground was established in 1891 by the royal family of Patiyala with a view to encourage the game of cricket. This cricket ground is situated at an altitude of 2,250 meters which is the highest in the world.

Shampooing is an Indian concept

Yes, while you’ll find a number of global brands that are very popular in the market, shampoo was invented in India. While the westerns might have modified shampoo adding chemicals and making it more commercial, the product was created in India mixing various herbs that are good for the hair. The word Shampoo is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Champu’ which means massage.

India has a number of things that are so bizarre you might not believe it’s actually true. The only way to find out it to come here and witness it yourself. While people often talk about the traditional customs which are not always really great, there are a number of things India has taught the world, language being one of them. Most of the words in the English dictionary today are derived from Sanskrit words.

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