5 Common Mistakes Regarding Biceps Training

There are a lot of people in the world, specially men, who are thinking that training their biceps is just a piece of cake. However, this idea is definitely wrong. Making your biceps grow is never easy. It requires extra dedication from you as well as the proper way of executing the recommended exercise routines. Furthermore, here are 5 common mistakes that you might also have done when it comes to biceps training:

Lifting Super Heavy Weights in the Beginning

Lifting Super Heavy Weights in the BeginningOne common mistake that people commit in biceps training is that they lift super heavy dumbbells even though they are still on the beginning of their journey. This is not a good idea. You have to take it slow. Concentrate on making your biceps bolder and tighter, rather than doing your very best to lift a super heavy dumbbell. It is best to have 12-15 kilos dumbbells and have some slow and controlled repetitions, instead of having 20-kilo dumbbell.

Disregarding the Negative Only Bicep Curls

Disregarding the Negative Only Bicep CurlsMany people think that it is no longer necessary to do the negative only bicep curls. Well, maybe because it is not that easy to do it. It is very painful on your part. However, you should know that doing the negative only bicep curls is very important in training your biceps well. It is the best bicep routine finisher that you must do not forget to do. You have to curl up and curl down, but make sure that you have full control of your muscles.

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Positioning the Elbows in a Wrong Way

Positioning the Elbows in a Wrong WayIn case your elbows are in a wrong position, then it is expected that you will fail in making your biceps grow bigger. It is simply because the biceps have two parts, which are the inner and the outer parts. In order to develop the inner part well, your elbows must be in 30-40 degrees forward position. It is best to use a preacher in doing the thing here.

Not Using All of the Grips

Not Using All of the GripsWhile curling, the grips used are really very important. Many people make use of only one grip, which is definitely a big mistake. In order for you to achieve those fully developed biceps like those of the bodybuilders, you should know that using all the grips is very significant. The grips that are being pertained here are the hammer, the reverse, the standard, the wide, and the close grip. Each of these grips is very helpful in isolating the fibers of your biceps.

Disregarding the Partial Range of Motion Chin Ups

Disregarding the Partial Range of Motion Chin UpsThere are also a lot of people who do not know the great importance of partial range of motion chin ups when it comes to bicep training. This is actually a great bicep exercise that you should do. Even so, make sure that you do it half way, and your hands must be in proper position. Hands must not be very far from your shoulders’ width. This routine will target the brachialis, which will then lead to effective bicep development.

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