5 Effective Strength Tests in Knowing How Much Loads You Can Deal With

Adapting changes is one great capability of a human body. Like for example in doing some workout routines, your body can easily adapt to the routines that you will be doing regularly. Even so, you have to make sure that you will start on performing the easy routines towards the most difficult routines if you want to try them. If you want to build your body muscles, then you have to let your muscles experienced what they still do not experience. Do it slowly however, so that your muscles will never be overly strained. To help you test your body strength, here are 5 effective strength tests that you should take into account:

Carry Some Weights Equal to Your Body Weight


The number one effective strength test is to carry a load that is equal to your body weight. You should do it in both hands of yours. When you already have the weights in both hands, you should then consider walking 15 up to 20 meters. You can make use of a kettlebell or a dumbbell. This may sound very easy but mind you, it is not. Many people have failed doing it.

Do Some Squat Racking


Doing some squat racking will determine how much of a man you are. Boys can never do it, only men can. You have to try doing 50 ass-to-grass squats, but you do not have to force yourself for this. You can divide the sets you need to do so that your body will not be strained much. You can have it done 10 per set. This is enough to do the thing.

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Do Some Deadlifts


Deadlift is not something that a lot of people would love doing. It is simply because you will carry a weight that is twice your body weight. Can you imagine that? Apart from that, every lift should last for 30 minutes. It is actually not about doing some sets, but rather, doing some repetitions. This is certainly a miserable thing that you can experience. However, it is rest assured that it will be very easy for you soon when your body is already used to it.

Do Bench Press


Doing some bench press is a common exercise routine that you can see in all fitness gyms. However, the main challenge here is the extreme weight of the dumbbell that you will be lifting. It is best to do for 3 sets with 3 repetitions. If you feel that you can still do more, then why not do 5 sets.

20 Minutes Sprinting


Another way of testing your strength is doing some 20-minute sprints. This is a good cardio exercise. The challenge here is that you will only have minimal rest time. You should make use of a treadmill. However, you have to take it slow. First is you have to run 30 seconds and have a rest for the next minute. You should then increase your time running, while decreasing your rest time. You should continue doing such thing until you reach the required 20 minutes.

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