5 Fitness Equipments that You Don’t Know You Don’t Need

These days, there are a lot of fitness equipments that you can find, especially when you go to a fitness gym. In fact, there are lots of people out there who prefer enrolling in a fitness gym that has a number of variations when it comes to fitness equipment. However, do you know that there are several fitness equipments available nowadays that are really unnecessary to use? Yes, you read it right. Here are 5 fitness equipments that you don’t know you don’t need:

Leg Extension Machine

Leg Extension MachineNeedless to say, there are different parts of your body that you need to develop by doing some exercise routines. Like your legs for example, these can develop more muscles through the help of a leg extension machine. However, this machine is actually considered to be unnecessary to have since it is only one dimensional. Meaning to say, it will only develop one part of your body, which is the legs. This is not like the other fitness equipments that can develop more muscles on your body. When developing your legs, you must also consider developing your hips that is impossible when using a leg extension machine.

Leg Press

Leg PressAnother fitness equipment that you don’t know you don’t need is the leg press. It is because it can only develop some muscles on your legs, not like other equipments that have multiple usages. Even so, if it is really needed to develop your legs, then it is best to put more weights, which are three times heavier that your body weight. You should go pushing the weights in 3 sets with 3-4 repetitions.

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Smiths Machine

Smiths MachineSmiths Machine is amongst those very in demand fitness equipments nowadays. There are a lot of fitness buffs in the world who are buying it. Even so, do they know that this equipment is really an unnecessary thing to have? This machine is used when doing some half squats. The thing is, half squat using the Smiths Machine will be very impossible to do for most of the people since it is extremely heavy.

Prone Lying Hamstring Curl Machine

Prone Lying Hamstring Curl MachineThere are so many fitness gyms out there that have prone lying hamstring curl machine, which is considered to be a not so needed fitness equipment. The purpose of this equipment is to develop the four hamstring muscles in the body. The problem is, only one muscle can be realistically developed when using the prone lying hamstring curl machine, which is the bicep femoris’ short head.

Wrist Curl Machine

Wrist Curl Machine

You might not know it, but wrist curl machine can be very harmful in some parts of your body. This is the main reason why such equipment is something that is unnecessary to have. The carpal nerves present in your forearm and wrist can be damaged when you regularly use this machine. And due to the friction created, the carpal bones in your wrist can be degenerated in case of continuous usage of the wrist curl machine.

If these fitness machines are really not that helpful and can harm your body, then why use them? Be vigilant enough in building your body muscles, so that you’ll not end up damaging your own body.

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