5 Interesting Facts About United States That You Don’t Know

The United States of America is considered to be one of the most powerful countries in the entire world. There is no question about that since this is a big country, and it is rich enough to afford every single war weapon available in the world in order for this country to be extremely ready when there is a declaration of war. USA is also one of the most progressive nations today. But other than that, do you know some more details about this particular country? If you don’t, then here are 5 interesting facts about United States that you might be glad to know:

1. Amongst the 51 US states, the one that has the widest ranging coastline is the state of Alaska.

AlaskaThis is a fact that only very few people in the world know. All of the US states have coastlines, of course. These coastlines vary from one another when it comes to length. The thing is, when all of the coastlines of the remaining 50 states are combined, Alaska will still have the longest coastline of all. That is very interesting to know, right?

2. The United States has a larger number of members in the army when compared to some other countries.

The estimated number of Americans who are serving in the army of the United States is around one million. When the US Army will form into a particular city, it will be the 10th largest city in the country. The truth is, only half of that estimated number is a full time worker in the army. Meaning to say, half of this number is just reserved that will be contacted when emergency arises.

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3. In the United States, the employer that is making the most number of payrolls every payday is the Walmart.

Every payday, the payroll department in the world renowned company known as Walmart has a very big task to do, which is preparing the payrolls of the Walmart employees. The estimated number of people working in this particular big time company is around 2.2 million. The second one is the US Army, which as more than 1 million of employees.

4. Most of the women in the United States are looking for men who have stable jobs.

stable jobsThese women are of course, those women who already want to settle down. There is actually no question about that since having a stable job is an absolute issue in the United States of America. In fact, this is one important thing that every American should secure when they already reach the qualified age for working. Moreover, there are a number of surveys saying that 75 percent of American women are having issues dating with those unemployed men in the United States.

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5. The United States of America is spending a considerable amount of money for the fuel used in the US Army.

There are around 1 billion of galloons of fuel that are consumed by the US Army for all of its related activities like trainings and going to wars. This is the expected amount of fuel consumption of the defense department in the United States every single year. Because of this, the US Government always sees to it that there is enough budget allotted for the said department since the US Army plays a very important role in protecting the nation as well as maintaining its incredible power against other countries in the world.

These are only 5 interesting facts about United States that you don’t know. There are actually some more interesting facts about the country that may also stir the curiosity within yourself.

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