5 Most Corrupted Politicians in India

4. Lalu Prasad Yadav

Lalu Prasad Yadav

Former Chief Minister of Bihar, Lalu Prasad Yadav is a convicted politician. As of now he is a disqualified MP for the conviction and he is also not allowed to fight election for six years from the date of conviction. Lalu Yadav was convicted for 950 Crore Fodder Scam where Crores of items were siphoned from the animal husbandry. Lalu Yadav was then Chief Minister and ironically he only ordered the probe after huge pressure from the media. However, lately, the case got transferred to CBI and he was charged. He stepped down as Chief Minister but things did not stop there. After more than a decade, Lalu Yadav was convicted for corruption and was sent to prison for five years and a fine of 25 Lakhs were imposed on him. He went out in bail after serving 2 and half months in prison, though. He is one of the politicians who is convicted of corruption in India.

3. Madhu Koda

Madhu Koda

The former Chief Minister of Jharkhand Madhu Koda is known for the illegal mining scam, helping Naxalites and disproportionate cases. The scam was known for Madhu Koda Mining Scam and he was arrested after and was put in the Ranchi Jail. However, He was later released on bail but the cases on Madhu Koda for money laundering and scam made him one of the most corrupted politicians in India. His associates have absconded the country and some of them have been arrested as well. After the corruption, he fought elections and lost the election. The ED informed that the scam during the Madhu Koda regime in Jharkhand actually exceeded whopping 3400 Crores.

2. A Raja

A Raja

Andimuthu Raja is one of the most tainted names among Indian Politicians. A Raja was the Cabinet Minister for Telecommunication and under his regime 2G Scam was reported. 2G Scam made huge headlines after CWG and CBI reported that A Raja was directly involved for the auctioning of the spectrum in lower rates causing huge damage to the Government of India. His offices were raid and computers were also seized. He spent almost 15 months in Jail for his alleged role in the 2G Spectrum scam. The immense amount of money laundering and evidence against him made A Raja one of the most tainted leaders in Indian Politics. He was later granted bail by the Supreme Court of India with conditions. ED said that he was directly involved in the scam and he could have easily managed to get close to 30 million just by taking bribes.

1. Suresh Kalmadi

Suresh Kalmadi

Suresh Kalmadi is an Indian Politician and experienced Sports Administrator. He held the positions in Commonwealths 2010 and Indian Olympic Association. He had trouble in a conflict of interest for Formula One. However, Suresh Kalmadi name came in after multi-million scams in Commonwealth Games 2010. He was arrested after his TSR system scam. The Time Scoring Result technology scam brought him under the radar. He was arrested under forgery, cheating, conspiracy and corruption charges. He was accused of spending less money and showing more for the Commonwealth Games. He was arrested for the charges after Center Vigilance, CBI and ED investigation, and directions. He spent 10 months in Jail for his alleged role in Common Wealth Games Scam. He was also suspended by his party for his alleged role in corruption. The huge scam during the commonwealth games had shaken the country and Suresh Kalmadi came out as the most tainted leaders at that time. Even today, he is considered as one of the most tainted and corrupted politicians in India for his alleged role.

The corrupt politicians made a huge amount of money by laundering, scams and forgery. These corrupt politicians went behind the bars for the charges of corruption. Indian judiciary has convicted few of the politicians and cases against others are still going on. Some cases get influenced by the power of the politicians and the politicians remained out of jail. There isn’t any strong law in India to stop the corruption and that is the need of the hour. The alleged role in different scams may get convicted in court and may run for years but the image of these politicians has been maligned due to the alleged corruption.

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