5 Most Haunted places in Delhi

Some of the adventurous sets of young gangs challenge themselves to visit haunted places. The list of most haunted place in Delhi and its nearby region will surely add new adventurous picnics for you, pack your bags and be ready here are the five most dangerous and supernatural rid areas in Delhi.

Delhi Cantonment ghost Lady- Delhi

Delhi Cantonment ghost LadyThe lady ghost of Delhi Cantonment area become popular in the recent times as the rumors and stories about the lady tempting the passerby has interested most of us, the scary region of Delhi Cantt sees no general passerby at the night time as the ghost lady has controlled all over the area at the night. Some people say that the lady roams at the night time as the ghost was supposed as the victim of car accident several years back in the same area. The extent of fear has that much affected the nearby locals that they don’t stop vehicles at night if someone tries to stop you for help.

The Jamali Kamali Tomb- Delhi

The Jamali Kamali TombAnother bone-chilling site in the list is Jamali Kamali Masjid located in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. The tomb region at the moment you enter will give you negative vibes and most of the time you will experience unusual bad omen voices calling you. The Tomb was named after two famous Sufi Saints Jamali and Kamali. Famous stories say that these sounds come from the graves of Sufi Saints. The nearby people and the people who had experienced unusual things will suggest you to not visit the place during the night.

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Dwarka Sector-9, Metro Station area

Dwarka Sector-9, Metro Station areaOne of the latest entry in the list of most scariest and haunted places, the employees of call center towards their home after their shift late at night experienced unsettling energy slapping few of the cabbies. The other bunch of cab people explains that they had seen a terrifying lady traveling by the speed of car and vanishing in the way. Creepy but non-fictional details warn no late night movement in the area.

Sanjay Van- Delhi]

Sanjay Van- DelhiThe 10 km established green belt near famous Vasant Kunj area of Delhi known as Sanjay Van is tagged as a haunted place, the Van is said to be flooded with mausoleums (majaar) of Sufi saints and also the middle region of van is equipped with a broken wall of Qila Rai Pithora. Many of the passersby have complained anonymous sounds and shadows following them , most of the people in the region have experienced loud cries at the night time with giggling of children. The van is covered with old Banyan and Peepal Trees called as the ideal resident of ghosts and evil souls.

Khooni Nadi (Bloody River)- Delhi

Khooni Nadi (Bloody River)- DelhiThe name says the story of the river, the wide spread of area near Rohini west where the river flows is said to be under control of bizarre powers as the people of the area opined that person who steps in the river is sucked in by unnatural power. Several people in past had died in the river, the reason behind a number of drowning is still a mystery.

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