5 Rich Snippet Plugins for WordPress

Since the last few years a person may have noticed while searching for any kind of information on the web that the number of “rich snippets” that can be found has increased manifold. All these snippets are seen as result of a variety of searches that are done and the usage of micro data help to display certain different types of information like the ratings, images, date or time or any other related details which may be required in order to make the search fruitful and specific to the user.snippet plugins

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Now the question which arises is what are actually these “rich snippets”? Those terms are classified in the category of “rich snippets” which can be called as the attention seekers or grabbers and they have the following types of data being represented by them:

  • The photos of the various authors and the different links related to them.
  • The photos and the videos which are embedded
  • Star ratings
  • The location as well as the date and time of certain events
  • The phone numbers and the address
  • The cooking time for different recipes

Schema.org is a link which was launched in 2011 by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Yandex in order to help out the webmasters comprehend properly the micro data vocabulary. But its usage is still found to be a little bit confusing for some of the users. A person who is a user of Word Press would know it exactly that in situations when new changes are needed to be made in the installations then if the person is not a developer; the best place to look for would be a plugin as it would help in easing out the process.

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Here are 5 of the plugins which would definitely be of some help any if the Word Press users.

1.The free Schema creator: In order to begin with the structured data and also to find out about the easy to set up creator for Schema from the Raven tools. When this is done the micro data for the post is automatically created and short code functionality for Word Press is used to drop wherever required. CSS classes customize the presentation of data.

2. The free all in one snippet: With 65 star review from the community of Word Press this plugin provides additional facility of configuring the rich snippet just below the visual editor.

3. Wp Social (free +premium): this plugin helps to improve things by a bit as it includes certain additional features. It works with the plugins which already exist but additional options are also provided to configure Google Authorship, Twitter Mega tags and many more.

4. Rich WP snippets (premium): It is a very robust plugin of premium type which configures and then displays things as if it was like rating the data. It can control a little more than the others. Additional add- on can be paid and used.

5. Yoast local SEO (premium): this is considered as everyone’s favorite It basically helps to focus on the structured data options which are essentially required for the local business. It perfectly manages all the Schema needs and helps the visitors in planning their ways smoothly and easily.

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