5 Worst Indian Politician Till Date And Why

Politics is the dirtiest game in the world. Not many people want to get their hands dirty in the world of politics. People often stay away from politics and politicians to avoid controversy. The world of politics and politicians are always marred in controversy. Keeping in mind the state of affairs in our country, we need a young politician who can change the image of politics. Until that happens, we have to bear the moneymakers and the corrupt criminals that hound the most lucrative seats in our country. Here we look at the worst five Indian politicians till date.

1. Mayawati

MayawatiMayawati is well known for using her status as a Chief Minister to gain personal wealth for her and her family. She has been embroiled in controversies forever, the latest being the Taj Heritage Corridor Case. Mayawati’s detractors often come out in large numbers when her birthday arrives. She is often seen dressed in diamond jewelry and often forces her supporters to make donations towards her party fund.

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2. Mamata Banerjee

Mamata BanerjeeMamata Banerjee, also affectionately called ‘Didi’ by her followers, is arrogant and ignorant. She once claimed to make Kolkata as good as London, however has only succeeded in making Kolkata number one in crime rate in the country. She has already created her own team of Cyber police, whose job is to track miscreants commenting against her on social media. The biggest expectation from Mamata Banerjee was to reduce crime against women in Kolkata. On the contrary, rapes and eve teasing cases have been on the rise in Kolkata and Mamata Banerjee seems to be doing nothing about it.

3. B.S.Yeddyurappa

This former Chief Minister of Karnataka has been the most corrupt politician to emerge from Karnataka. He blatantly flaunts the law and has been part of many corruption cases to hit Karnataka. The illegal iron ore export scam has been his biggest downfall and he ended up losing his chair to the state.

4. Rahul Gandhi

Rahul GandhiThe latest generation of the Gandhi scion, Rahul Gandhi, has tried to change the face of the nation with his focus on youth and liberalization. However, what the people of India have learnt that he is the most immature politician in India. Not only that, he has absolutely no knowledge of what he is talking about and his lack of vision makes him worthy of being an office boy and not the next Prime Minister of India.

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5. Lalu Prasad Yadav

When anyone speaks of corrupt politicians, Lalu Prasad Yadav’s name cannot be far behind. This former railway minister and former Chief Minister of Bihar has been the most controversial figure in Indian politics. There are claims of him amassing over 9 billion INR under the fodder scam in Bihar. Lalu has done it all in Indian politics and his name is definitely not going to leave us anytime soon. His children as soon said to be venturing into politics. One shudders at the thought of the future of Indian politics.

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