5 Worst Places in the World to Acquire Sickness

 The world is composed of various places that differ in a lot of things. There are some nations in the world that are extremely popular for their scenic attractions. There are also some countries that become popular worldwide because of the great chaos that happened into them. Not only that, there are also places in the world that are considered to be the worst places to acquire some sickness. Here are 5 of them:


1. Gambia

This is a country that can be located in the west part of Africa. It is officially known as the Islamic Republic of the Gambia. It is actually the smallest nation that is situated in the entire Africa. This is maybe one of the numerous reasons why getting sick here is the worst thing that can happen in your life. It is not that a progressive nation, and there are almost no medical facilities where you can be confined to cure your sickness. Compared to some other countries in the continent, Gambia is way less accessible. This is another reason why important medical facilities are not available here.

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2. Algeria

Such place is actually a sovereign state located in the north part of Africa, near the coast of Mediterranean Sea. Algeria is officially known as the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. Among the numerous countries in the continent of Africa, Algeria is known to be the biggest country and it is also on the 10th place in the list of biggest countries the world has to offer. Even so, you might get surprised why it is included in the list of worst places in the world to acquire sickness. Well, it is certainly because of the fact that this country has less access to a clean drinking water. This is the reason why cholera and dysentery are very common in this place. It has also been noted that Algeria has lesser number of medical professionals like dentists and general medical doctors.

3. Sri Lanka

This place is known as an island country that is located in the south part of the continent of Asia. Its borderlines are closer to India and Maldives. It has been colonized by the British colonizers until the year 1972, and it was known as Ceylon. Today, Sri Lanka is officially called the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Though there are now a number of medical facilities available in Sri Lanka, there are still a lot of regions here that have lesser access to these medical facilities. Some of the residents in these places even don’t have any medical privileges. This is the main reason why it is included in the list of worst places in the world to acquire some sickness.

4. Cambodia

This country is part of the region of Southeast Asia. It is quite close to some other Asian countries such as Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. This nation is officially called the Kingdom of Cambodia. Excluding the major cities in this country, many of its rural regions have big issues regarding health. They have a very poor health system, which is one reason of the higher mortality rate of this country. There are many people in the rural areas who have severe illnesses, and one of the numerous reasons of their sickness is the lesser access of well-sanitized drinking water. Two of the very common diseases in Cambodia are malaria and HIV/AIDS. Even so, the officials in this country are now making their great moves in improving the healthcare system in the rural regions of the country.

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5. Madagascar

This is another country in the continent of Africa that is included in the list of worst places in the world to get ill. It’s an island country that is closer to the Indian Ocean. Just in case you do not know, Madagascar is considered to be the biggest island that the world has to offer. Several years in the past, this place was called the Malagasy Republic. But today, it is officially called the Republic of Madagascar. Majority of the regions in this island country does not have great access to medical care. This is the main reason why a lot of people here are sick for a longer period of time now. As far as medical facilities and accessibility is concerned, you will certainly not wish to get sick when you are in this place.

These are the 5 worst places in the world to acquire sickness. When you will travel to these countries, one good tip to consider is to bring some medicines that you can take in case you acquire some sickness there.

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