6 Amazing Facts About Apple

Who would not know about Apple by the way? It is a multinational technology company that is based in the United States of America, particularly in the progressive city of Cupertino in the US state of California. This company is very famous on its high-tech products like iPods, iPhones and the like. In this regard, here are 6 amazing facts about Apple that you still haven’t known yet:

6. Apple laptops used to have upside-down Apple logos.

Apple laptops used to have upside-down Apple logos.It simply means that when the user of an Apple laptop turns on the device, the Apple logo at the back portion will glow and it turns upside down while the laptop is used. The setting is like this until 1990’s. It was in a certain date during the 90’s when the Apple company decided to make the Apple logo on laptops steady in order to avoid confusions to the users. If you are going to choose, would you want it the old way or the current way?

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5. iPod is supposed to be for Philips brand.

Do you know that iPod might not be the product of Apple company that made it very famous? Yes, you read it right. Tony Fadell, who happened to be the main creator of iPod, offered this great invention first to Philips company. The thing is, Philips unfortunately turned it down because they did not see any interesting thing about this device that will bring the company to the peak of success in the coming years. Fadell had then offered it to Apple, and Steve Jobs accepted it.

4. Apple company is named literally.

Apple company is named literally.Maybe, you are one of those people in the world who are wondering why the company is named Apple, aren’t you? Well, whatever it is, one thing is for sure and that’s the fact that many people got confused why the world renowned firm bears such name. The explanation for this is actually very simple. Steve Jobs, who happened to be the founder of the company, loves apple fruit so much. This is the reason why he named the company, “Apple”.

3. The current Chief Executive Officer of Apple is a gay person.

Do you guys get surprised? Well, this is definitely true. Tim Cook, who happens to be the current Chief Executive Officer of Apple company, proudly admitted that he is gay. Isn’t that amazing for you, knowing that the company is still receiving higher product sales and business revenue? Amongst the Fortune 500 companies in the entire world, Tim Cook is the only one who has done it.

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2. Apple company has a spare cash of around $150 billion.

You might be wondering how much money does this world renowned company has got into its savings account. Well, for you own information, the company now has around $150 billion of available cash that it acquired as business revenue. How big that money is? There is actually no question about that since Apple is a company that is trusted by many people in the whole world. In the year 2014, it has more business earnings when compared to the total combined earnings of Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

1. $666.66 was the price of the Apple I.

Yes, this was the price of the Apple I, but the satanic organization 666 had nothing to do with it, of course. It’s just that Steve Wozniak, who happened to be the Apple’s co-founder, was in loved with repeating numbers. That is the simple explanation about that, but isn’t it amazing and funny?

These are the 6 amazing facts about Apple that you might still don’t know. Are you completely surprised, or just a little bit?

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