6 Most Haunted Places in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the one of the most developed corporate destination with towering buildings and charm of Cyber city never fails to impress the working class. Amidst the hustle bustle of the city, work culture of 24 x 7 and night shifts there lay many untold secrets and devil lurks in silence in those places making them the most haunted place of Gurgaon. It is a city that never sleeps but there are places that might disturb your sleep every single. Spooky and scary, here are the 6 top most haunted places of Gurgaon.

  • Saffron BPO

Saffron BPOIf you are currently residing in Gurgaon this story cannot escape your ears and is about a BPO located in the heart of the city that was haunted by a girl named Rose. It is an unsolved scary mystery that still haunts the people who once worked with her. She was the best performer of the team and everything was going normal until one day her manager barged her unusual long call of 45 minutes and did not hear any sound. She went on unscheduled leaves and went untraceable and on contacting her family found that she died 8 years ago. Her friends and colleagues were left mentally imbalanced with trauma.

  • Gurgaon Sector 7

Gurgaon Sector 7The ground floor of an apartment located in Sector 7 is known to be haunted and the strange place is known to be controlled by spirits. Individuals have reported scary activities taking place like opening of showers, lights etc on its own and as per locals the ground floor is haunted by a man killed in the washroom of the apartment. People who don’t vacate the apartment soon experience prolonged encounters leading to hallucinations and other mental trauma.

  • Gurgaon Mehrauli Road

Gurgaon Mehrauli RoadAnother story of a running woman haunts the streets of Gurgaon – Mehraulu bypass and there are many horror encounters faced by many. Although during daytime the place looks pretty normal and crowded but is very spooky at night. Most of the cab drivers working for BPO are scared to take this route as many claim to have seen a women dressed in white sari running at the speed of the vehicle beside the car with her tongue hanging till chest. Imagine a women running beside your car driven at 60kmpl, spooky right?

  • Farrukh Nagar Fort

Farrukh Nagar FortIt is a fort with more of its ruins located near Sultanpur Sanctuary and is known for many horror stories it carries along. The place look haunted with its deserted look and according to people is haunted by a soul who is as old as the age of the fort. The fort has fortune hidden in its treasure room and the soul is known to stand guarding the treasure. There have been many attempts by many greedy people to steal the fortune but all of them have blinded and swung out of the fortune room.

  • Ashok Vihar Flyover

Ashok Vihar FlyoverThe famous flyover is known to be haunted by spirit of a women dressed in white clothes and is seen by many between 1 to 4 am. The wandering soul of the women seems to disrupt the memory of people and many people have experience it. Many people who stopped by to ask her direction or anything else lost their way that night with many people reporting losing directions and many complaining of broken vehicle. The flyover is a rare pass at night and very few people dare to take that route in heat of night.

  • Sector 9 Dwarka

Sector 9 DwarkaThe place of haunted stories is a road connected Gurgaon to Dwarka 9 and an old peepal tree on route is known to be haunted. Many people have claimed to have seen a women wearing white saree under the peepal tree at night located between AndheriMor in Gurgaon and Dwarka 9. Many BPO executives recollect their stories of horror who were pushed and slapped while walking at night on the road. Many BPO workers also say they saw a women running after their vehicle

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