6 Interesting Facts About United Kingdom That You Don’t Know

The United Kingdom is an island nation that can be located in the northwestern part of the continent of Europe. This particular island nation is composed of 4 big countries, which are the Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and of course, England. The thing is, if you think that you already know UK well, then think again. Here are 6 interesting facts about United Kingdom that you don’t know for sure:

1. The United Kingdom is one of the most diverse nations in the world when it comes to culture.

United Kingdom This is something that you still don’t know for sure, until you read this article. Amongst the four countries that the United Kingdom made of, England has the highest number of residents who have different cultures, specially in the progressive city of London. In fact, several studies conducted by the professionals revealed that 25 percent of the population of the city is not an England native. In other words, such number of people originates from the other parts of the world.

2. Great Britain and the United Kingdom are not the same.

For sure, there are lots of people in the world who are thinking that Great Britain is the other name of the United Kingdom, which is a wrong information. The thing is, these two places shouldn’t be interchanged since Great Britain is only composed of England, Wales, and Scotland while the United Kingdom adds another country apart from the three mentioned ones, and this additional country is the Northern Island.

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3. The United Kingdom has established a strong alliance to the country of Portugal.

This is the main reason why the island nation is not that strict in treating Portugal and its citizens, specially when they travel within the United Kingdom. The strong alliance of these two big nations started way back in the year 1386.

4. 15 is the average age of the people in the United Kingdom when they experienced their sweet first kiss.

This is definitely an interesting topic that you might like to tackle about, and there you go. Big percentage of the residents in the United Kingdom experienced how a first kiss feels like when they were in their 15 years of age. Well, there is actually no question about this thing since Western people are known to be liberated in nature that they always curious to try those things that are usually appropriate to be done by the adults.

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5. Some animals in the United Kingdom should secure a passport of their own.

Have you heard any country that requires a passport for the animals? Well, only in the United Kingdom for sure. The animals that need to have their own passport in this island nation are horses. Since horses cannot secure their own passports literally, it is already one important responsibility of their masters of course. Also included for a passport requirement are the donkeys and the ponies. Isn’t it very interesting to know? What can you say about such thing then?

6. Drinking alcoholic beverages in the United Kingdom is allowed to be done by the minors.

Drinking alcoholicYou might not believe it, but it is definitely true. As a matter of fact, those young children who are in the age of five are already allowed to drink some alcoholic beverages that they want. Does it sound inappropriate? It is, for sure. The truth is, there are some guidelines that need to be followed, of course. It should be with a consent from their parents, and it should only be done in private places like in their own homes.

These are just 6 of the interesting facts about United Kingdom that you don’t know. For sure, you are quite surprised upon knowing them, aren’t you?

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