7 Differences between Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are those people who are involved in the competitive world of business, and so are the wantrepreneurs. But the big question is, do you know how to determine a true entrepreneur from a wantrepreneur? Do you exactly know how they differ from one other? If you don’t, then here are the 7 differences between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs that you should keep in mind:


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1. Entrepreneurs Consider a Failure as Motivator While Wantrepreneurs consider it a Discouragement 

Failures are just normal not only in the world of business, but in some other aspects of life as well. This is something that entrepreneurs are well-aware of, which is why they never consider failures as discouragements. Instead, they treat failures as good reasons for them to move forward and achieve great success. On the other hand, wantrepreneurs normally get discouraged after a single attempt and failed.

2. Entrepreneurs Value Teamwork While Wantrepreneurs Boastfully Believe that they Can Make It on their Own 

Real entrepreneurs are great believers of themselves, but they never think that it is better to do something on their own than having a team that they will manage. The strongly believe to the old famous adage, “two is better than one”. The more hands working in a certain business goal to reach, the higher the possibility of attaining success. However, wantrepreneurs are kinda selfish. They want to enjoy the benefits of success on their own, if they are fortunate enough to succeed.

3. Entrepreneurs Dedicate their Time for the Betterment of their Business, While Wantrepreneurs Want Nothing But Establishing a Good Image 

The ultimate goal of a true entrepreneur is to achieve growth on his or her business, thereby making him or her successful together with his or her employees and team. Entrepreneurs work hard for the betterment of both parties, and this is not the case with wantrepreneurs. They are working so hard to make themselves popular, and be the envy of many.

4. Wantrepreneurs are Fond of Waiting, While Entrepreneurs Work Hard to Make It Happen 

This is applicable to a number of situations whether business related or not. Like for example when the company needs more funds to successfully complete a business project, entrepreneurs always work hard to find and convince some business investors. On the other hand, wantrepreneurs do not make a move while there are still no enough funds for the business project they are about to do. They just wait until the funds become enough and ready to do the project.

5. Entrepreneurs Take Risks While Wantrepreneurs Don’t 

The world of business has a very tight competition amongst every single businessman in the world. Because of this, it is very important for an entrepreneur to take some risks and be prepared for whatever the outcome may be. Even so, wantrepreneurs are too afraid to take risks that they only settle for something not that big success when compared to those risk takers, who are the entrepreneurs.

6. Entrepreneurs Has the Passion in Business While Wantrepreneurs Just Wanted to Be Like the Business Person they Look Up to 

Entrepreneurs decided to enter into the world of business because they have intense passion into this thing. They want to make use of their passion while earning a living. This is very important since it requires passion for you to succeed in the competitive world of business. The sad thing is, wantrepreneurs usually don’t have the passion for business. They just go into it because they want to be as famous as those successful business tycoons.

7. Entrepreneurs Don’t Desperately Aim to Be Rich, Unlike Wantrepreneurs 

What is the priority of entrepreneurs is to become the best in the business world. They want to be recognized in their excellent business skills. However, wantrepreneurs are completely the opposite since they only want to be wealthy, nothing more, nothing less.

These are the 7 differences between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs. Now, which one are you?

Source: Lifehack.org

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