4 Hottest Lesbian Celebrities In Hollywood

Here are the lists of hottest divas of Hollywood who have accepted and celebrate their likeness towards the same gender. The social idols of the people have expanded in modern times, the openness of a lesbian and acceptance of the same is seen in modern times. There is no boundary of female of modern days, they feel free to accept their choice of partner and can take a stand for themselves and their choice of sexes.


PORTIA DE ROSSIPortia De Rossi is an Australian American actress, model and philanthropist. She became popular for her roles in the Television series Ally McBeal and Arrested Development. Earlier in 1996, she was married to film-maker MEL METCALFE though she did not go through her marriage with Mel; it was only for the basis of green card. In 2010 in an interview with Good Morning America, she explained that it was fearful and unrespectable for her to present herself lesbian publically, but now things have change for her. She is now married to Ellen DeGeneres; she publically disclosed her relationship with Ellen in an interview with Details and The Advocate.

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