7 Interesting Facts About Russia That You Don’t Know

Russia is actually a sovereign state located in the northern part of Eurasia. It is a country that is just adjacent to the continents of Asia and Europe. In terms of government, Russia is only a semi-presidential republic, and it is known to be the largest country the world has to offer. Apart from that facts, do you know some more information about this powerful country? Well then, here are 7 interesting facts about Russia that you don’t know for sure:

1. Russia is the origin country of numerous famous persons in the Literature.

Russia is the origin country of numerous famous persons in the Literature.

For sure, you are not aware of this thing, unless you are that interested when it comes to Literature. A lot of famous writers in the past who were still being recognized nowadays are Russians. Some of these great contributors of Literature were Ivan Turgenev, Alexander Pushkin, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and Leo Tolstoy.

2. Russia was once became home of the biggest McDonalds food chain in the entire world.

McDonaldsThe largest McDonalds food chain building was constructed in the country before in order to cater the great numbers of athletes from all over the world who participated in the 2012 Olympics held in London, England. Russia was considered to be a perfect location since it was nearer to England. The food chain building was constructed with 7000 seats, and can accommodate around 1,500 customers. However, the building was deconstructed right after the Olympics’ conclusion.


3. Vodka is very famous in Russia.

Vodka is very famous in Russia.Russia is one of those countries in the world that has very cold weather condition at most times. With that being said, it is no longer surprising why most of the Russian people love drinking alcoholic beverages especially during mealtimes, and Vodka is the star of all these alcohols. The country has the finest Vodka that you can ever taste.

4. Russia has higher number of women population compared to men.

Russia is the origin country of numerous famous persons in the Literature.Yes, there is a big imbalance between Russian men and women in terms of number. Isn’t that interesting to you? Approximately, Russian women are way higher in number that is around 10 million. The main reason of this particular imbalance is the fact that a lot of Russian men died in the World War II.

5. Russia is well-known when it comes to sports.

Russia is well-known when it comes to sports.It is simply because a lot of Russians believe that sports is something that can give them millions of benefits. They always indulge themselves to sports, which is why they have a lot of winnings in numerous sports competitions held worldwide. Since the country always experience winter season, Russian people undeniably dominate as far as Ice Skating and Skiing are concerned.


6. Russians have this tradition of wearing wedding rings on the right ring finger.

wedding ringsThis is completely different to some other countries in the world since wedding rings are usually worn on the left ring finger, which is a famous tradition in Asian countries. Along with Russia, some other countries like India, Greece, Spain, Austria, Poland, Georgia, Germany, and Ukraine also have the same wedding tradition.

7. Russian men do not give even numbers of flowers to women.

Russian men do not give even numbers of flowers to women.It is simply because Russian people have this belief that even numbers of flowers are only appropriate to be given in funerals. Moreover, the people in the country believe that this is a sign of bad luck. Hence, Russian men always see to it that they only give odd number of flowers to the women that they like.

These are the 7 interesting facts about Russia that you don’t know for sure. This goes to show that this country has a lot of things to offer, which are things that it can call its own.

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