7 Perfect Places To Plan Bachelor’s Party In India

Some people think that being a bachelor is a boon. And why not they should think so? No tensions of what your partner is thinking, no need to appease anyone and no commitments. And do you know what is the icing on this bachelorhood? Yes, it’s a celebration in different places with your male friends to the maximum.

So, make your bachelor’s party amazing and enthusiastic with some exquisite destination of India. Here are top seven such bachelors party destination which you can visit in India.

1. Chill with your friends in the beach in Kudle and Manipal 

Kudle and Manipal

Yes, one of the perfect destinations for your bachelor’s party is the Kudle – Udupi beach stretch. This is the best destination for all the youngsters who love beach and adventure. Get to this destination for enjoying amazing midnight parties and perfect jamming session at night by the beach. You can also enjoy visiting few interesting markets which take place on the beach every evening. You can spend a day or two over here and then head towards Manipal for enjoying thrilling surfing. Yes this destination is perfect for bachelors who want to enjoy the thrill of life.

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2. Enjoy the rustic dunes in Rajasthan by visiting Bash’em dunes

Thinking of a bachelor’s party? Well try considering the rustic ambience with Rajasthan. This is the best destination for you if you want to enjoy the desert and dunes. You can camp in the desert and enjoy the bonfire with bottle of beers. You can enjoy the thrilling car rides with your friends along the deserts. In addition to all these the Rajasthani foods add real flavor to the party. So do not miss the foods. This destination is one of the amazing destinations when it comes to bachelor’s party.

3. Get to the majestic destination through Road trip in North east 

No destination can be more thrilling than this. If it is bachelor’s party then you can undoubtedly choose this destination. The north east is the destination which is called seven sisters of India. You will never feel like returning from this place even after spending days. This destination holds amazing views of Himalaya and breath taking scenic beauty. You and your friend can enjoy a long drive, trekking, or a boat ride along the Loktak Lake. There are immense things to do over here. Moreover the amazing cuisines of Nagaland make the trip much more interesting.

4. Get the adventure with your friends by visiting Himachal  Pradesh 

Himachal Pradesh is perfect for your bachelor’s party if you and your friends love adventure. You can visit the small place known as Kasol. This place holds amazing facets which gets you the thrill that you have always wanted. It has amazing activities for you like Zorbing, paragliding, bungee jumping and so much more. This is the perfect destination for you if you are planning for a thrilling and memorable bachelor’s party. It is easy to reach this destination. So if you are planning your parties very soon then make sure you pack your bag for this destination.

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5. Go for a soothing adventurous bachelor’s party in Lakshwadeep 

Now if you want a best ambience for your bachelor’s party then you can select Lakshwadeep. Here you can choose a thrilling experience by hiring a yacht and going for a sea tour. You can load the yacht with loads of beer and have fun with your friends. The best part of this destination is the scuba diving. Yes you and your friends can explore the sea life by going for a scuba dive. This can be the best moment of your life and you cannot afford to miss it if you are for a bachelor’s party.

6. How about a road trip to Ladak? 

What is the need of a bachelor’s party if it cannot be a little adventurous? To increase the thrill of your trip you can choose a road trip to Ladak. This can be your lifetime experience if you want to make your trip thrilling and adventurous. You can book your car or bike and drive the long roads while enjoying the scenic beauty along the trip. You can stop at intervals and choose to enrich your trip with lots of activities like meditation, fun and foods.

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7. Choose the limitless fun and adventure with Rishikesh 

This destination can be the ultimate destination for you if you are planning for a bachelor’s party. This place has amazing activities like rafting, canyoning, waterfall trekking and so much more. You can undoubtedly choose this destination for the best bachelor’s party experience.

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