7 Qualities of MS Dhoni that Makes Him Captain Cool

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the name which needs no introduction. Dhoni is the ultimate leader India needs for the long run to get success in multiple series. He plays all the aspects of cricket. Under Dhoni’s captaincy, the Indian team plays amazingly in ICC over world cup, T-twenty world cup, test matches and one-day internationals. MS Dhoni brought the ICC world cup in 2011 which is one of his biggest victories. India won T20 world cup in 2007 and champions’ trophy in 2013 as Dhoni led the entire team incredibly. Chennai Super Kings won Indian Premier League in 2010 and 2011 where Dhoni had been playing stunningly as a captain. All the success came to his pocket due to some great qualities he acquired. Here we discussed the qualities of ‘captain cool’.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

1. Coolness Plays Major Role

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known all around the cricket world as ‘captain cool’ due to his amazing coolness. It is hard enough to watch him with anger. He becomes aggressive when he needs more runs for his country to score high. His calmness helps him to take right decisions even in the tough condition of matches. It works amazingly and India won many matches due to Dhoni’s incredible strategies he generally sets up by keeping his mind cool.

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2. Conduct the Team from The Front

The eventual sign of his great captaincy is that he leads the team from the front line. India won the final match of the ICC world cup in the year 2011 due to his stunning score. Multiple times Dhoni plays the role of match-winner for Indian national team, as well as for his IPL team. Dhoni plays supremely under pressure a circumstance which shows off his superiority and skill of cricket.


3. Grounded Attitude

Consistency in his gesture is one of the best qualities. MS Dhoni never gets too aggressive toward the opponent team players. Dhoni never gets super excited after winning a match and jump on the ground. In contrary, he never gets depressed after losing matches. He knows how to behave after winning and how to take the challenges of losing a match.

4. Motivate Others to Perform Well

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the perfect team man with whom every cricketer loves to play. He always encourages the new team members, as well as the existing experienced team members as per the needs. Dhoni always conducts positive vibes to bring out the best performance of his team.

5. Believe On the Newcomers

His down-to-earth attitude is simply stunning. He never shows his power to the newcomers instead help them to play well. Dhoni always believes on the freshers and supports them throughout the matches.

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6. Instinct of Winning

Mahendra Singh Dhoni knows only to play for his country. His dedication towards his nation gets a lot of respect. Whenever he plays for India he tries to get more score as much as he can. It is all about his basic instinct of winning which brings out the best performance.

7. True Leadership 

A genuine leader a team needs to perform well. He takes all the responsibilities on his shoulder when his team goes under the pressure of losing the games. He answers all criticisms accordingly with an explanation. When his team wins the matches he never takes the credit alone. Always share the victory with all the team members, crew members and with the entire country for supporting his team.

It is not enough to share all the qualities Mahendra Singh Dhoni has through a single article. People know him each and every day. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a great leader, a great human being and superior role model to the young Indians.

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